A New Wonder For Migraine Sufferers

There are about more than 28 million Americans who are suffering from the migraine headaches and the women represent about three quarters of the above number whereas the men constitute only the one third. Migraine headache is very severe and leaves the individual totally crippled who is suffering from it. The migraine headaches are mostly preceded by an aura and the aura consists of tingling in the arms or legs, ringing in the ears, flashes of light etc., and there are certain signs and symptoms that are present during the episode of migraine that includes nausea, vomiting and high levels of sensitivity to the light and sound. The pain of migraine is so severe that it really incapacitates the individual for hours and can even prolong for days as well.

There have been a lot of medications that have been introduced for the treatment of migraine and they work effectively as well, but the people who are suffering from migraine headaches must get in touch with their doctors as soon as possible and if there is no help from the medications that they are getting, then they should make an appointment with the neurologist so that they are able to find as to what would be the right medication for them and in this article we are going to discuss a big breakthrough that is being made for the people who are suffering from the migraine attacks on and off and in lives of some people it is a constant thing that hurts them on a consistent basis.

Before we move on to tell you the new breakthrough regarding the treatment of migraine, we will explain on the different aspects of the migraines as to what are the different causes of the migraines that include a lot of different factors but the actual reason that causes the migraine headache is still not understood clearly. It is being thought by some researchers that the migraines are being caused by the changes in the trigeminal nervous system, which is a major pain pathway in our body, as well as the chemical imbalances in the brain such as serotonin, as the serotonin regulates the pain messages that are relayed through this pathway. The mechanism suggested that causes the headache is caused by the drop in the serotonin levels and when this happens, the trigeminal nerve releases chemical substances known as neuropeptides, which then travel to the brain and thus causes the blood vessels in the brain to dilate and cause inflammation, which result in the causation of headache.

Another theory that is being suggested is the drop in the levels of magnesium, which is a key ingredient in the normal functioning of a nerve cell and if the levels of the magnesium are dropped, then it causes the migraine headache, but the exact cause of the migraine headache is still a mystery and is still in the research phase so as to understand as to what is the exact mechanism that causes the migraine headache. Whatever the mechanism may be, there are a lot of factors that causes the trigger of migraine headaches that include hormonal changes in which when the balance of the estrogen and progesterone is changed, this leads to the triggering of the migraine headaches in a lot of women, therefore the development of migraines is closely linked to the start or end of their menstrual cycles. Other women report of migraine headaches when they are going through pregnancy or menopause.

There are also foods that cause the triggering of the headaches that include alcohol, chocolate, the foods that either pickled or marinated, aspartame, caffeine etc. It is also being said that the people who are in a habit of skipping their meals are the ones who are mostly suffering from the headaches. Along with the foods, another big cause for the development of migraine headaches is the stress, because migraine headaches are present in people who are working in either high stressed environment at work or at home or are suffering through any high level of stress in their life. Another factor that triggers migraine is the bright lights, unpleasant scents that can trigger migraines include perfumes or scent of flowers etc. There are physical factors that can trigger the migraine headaches and that include change in sleep patterns, sexual activity and changes in sleep patterns, as well as changes in the weather and medications can also trigger the migraine headaches.

Since migraine has been hurting the lives of a lot of people and preventing them to be able to live their life to the full, the researchers have been working on to find a way so that people are not suffering through the misery of the migraines. The researchers are currently working on a device that is handheld, which is about the size of a dryer, which transmits magnetic pulses and the mechanism with which it works is by short circuiting the path of the migraine by interrupting the activity inside the brain that is causing it.

The researchers conducted a study on a little number of patients and they added that the patients who were suffering from migraine headaches were given about two magnetic pulses to the back of their head and they said that the patients reported no pain or just a slight pain as compared to the individuals who took the placebo. These results are very encouraging and can literally change the lives of the people who are suffering from this problem. This device can be used by 28 millions American who are currently a victim to this dreaded headache.

It was found that the individuals who were suffering from the migraines when used this device, this greatly reduced the light sensitivity and the aura. They reported that the individuals who used the device had positive effects in the 84% of the patients who reported that they were not suffering through noise sensitivity about two hours later and only about 17% of the individuals who used placebo had reported that they do not have any noise sensitivity. About 70% of the individuals had no light sensitivity two hours later and only about 22% of people who used placebo had no light sensitivity issues.

A woman who has used the device said that her life has been turned upside down. Before using this device she was having migraine for about 14 to 16 days in a month with the migraine headache, but after using this device, her life started to function normally and she said that within about two hours time the sensitivity of the light went away as well as the sensitivity to sound and nausea also went away. She said that she is living her life in a more complete way now and things have been more bright and wonderful and she is not incapacitated with the migraine headaches any more.


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