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Skin Care Habits You Should Ditch

We all have a few bad habits that we need to break when it comes to the care of our skin. But we owe it to ourselves give our skin the best care that we can give it, so the first step is admitting that we have a bad habit that is time to nix.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

The best prevention for wrinkled skin and age spots is to lather up on sunscreen. Sunscreen is the best defense for your skin no matter what time of year it is (believe it or not, it still matters in the winter). The more you are in the sun, the more often you want to reapply to make sure that your skin is safe against harmful U.V. rays. To save yourself a step in your morning skin-care routine, enlist the help of foundation or moisturizer with an SPF in it, and you can leave the house feeling good about the length you are going to protect your skin.

Go Beyond Your Face

When getting ready to leave the house for the day or getting ready for bed, we clean our face and think we are done. But there are other parts of our body that are just as important as our face that don’t receive the same TLC. Our skin-care routine needs to extend beyond the care of our face to other exposed parts of our body, like our neck are chest, which are just as delicate and sensitive. We need to keep the other parts of our body hydrated and protected from the sun as well. The next time you are going through the process of your cleansing your face, remember clean and moisturize our neck and chest.

Keep Tools Clean

If the tools you use to cleanse your face or apply your make-up aren’t clean, you are not getting the maximum out of your skin-care routine. Just like you wouldn’t touch your face with dirty hands to avoid spreading germs, the same goes for your make-up tools. When you don’t wash your brushes, you end up mixing colors and change the true hue of what they really are. You also run the risk of clogging pores, which will affect the appearance of your skin. If make-up tools are dirty enough, you could cause an infection. About every three weeks or so, take a time out to clean all your make-up brushes. Use a gentle shampoo or product made to clean brushes. Rinse well to get all the dirt and used make-up off, and leave them to dry overnight.

Less Exfoliation the Better

It feels good to exfoliate skin because you know you are getting rid of all the dead skin cells so that pores can breathe, but too much can have a harsh effect on the skin. When you over-exfoliate, you end up disrupting the balance of natural oil production. This will only make skin look worse, which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Cut the exfoliation down to no more than once or twice or twice a week.

Lifestyle Changes

It’s true that people really do need their beauty rest. When you don’t get enough sleep, stress can make skin conditions worse. Sleep is when your body has the chance to repair itself from the day.  Ditch the cigarettes if you smoke as it causes wrinkles and ruins skin tone, and will make you look older than you are.  Drinking alcohol can dehydrate your body and raise inflammatory agents in the blood, affecting the appearance of your skin as well. Now you have no more excuses to skip the gym either. When your body is more active, you are stimulating blood flow, which brings color to skin and minimizes stress levels.

Keep it Simple

Take a serious look at the products you use. It’s a habit to have a different product for each skin concern, or you see something new worth trying every few weeks. Stop the spending- you probably don’t need everything you have. Take a look at each product and what they do. You will find that more than one of your products targets the same skin issues. Even worse, you might be using two products that counteract each other. Ingredients can end up canceling each other out and do nothing or have the opposite affect and cause irritation. Look for products that target more than one skin concern and try spreading the use of different products throughout the day instead of all at once. Before you know it, with a little bit of self-restraint from over-buying and a little bit of research, you’ll start having better skin in no time. 

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Dogs Detecting Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death throughout the world and a lot of people are losing their battle to the different types and forms of cancer involving different organ systems. Cancer has become one of the biggest scares among humans, though with the technical advancements, the medical science has been able to provide cure with earlier diagnosis and proper treatment and management of the individual suffering from cancer. But still there are a lot of people in whom the cancers are not being diagnosed at an early stage.

The most common cancers that cost people their lives are the lung cancers, cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, cancers involving the reproductive organs etc. The number of the patients reported with cancers have been growing at a very fast pace and a lot of people are being reported to have cancer throughout the world and it is from where the battle starts between life and death.

Cancer has become one of the biggest financial burden on the governments, because billions of dollars are being spent on the tests to diagnose cancers, as well as very expensive therapies that are being given to treat the cancer, but it is still not known whether the cancer would be manageable because the cure largely depends on when the cancer is being diagnosed. The physicians ask their patients to get an annual examination so that they can order the tests to check whether there are any findings to suggest any abnormal behavior in the cells such as Pap tests are being conducted on an annual basis to detect any changes in the cervix so as to diagnose the development of cancer at initial stages.

Still after doing so much there are still a lot of cases that are being reported at a very late stage and a lot of people are dying from this horrifying disease process and thus it becomes a big threat to a lot of people around the world. In these clouds of hopelessness there is a ray of hope that has emerged. According to a new study it is being shown that dogs can sniff out the cancer through the breath samples of individuals. This is a very latest advancement in terms of determining whether the individuals are suffering from cancer or not. The dogs have an extraordinary power of smell and they are being known for it through centuries and they are being trained for the purpose of sniffing out the cancer in individuals. A program that I saw on TV showed that the dogs are being made to sniff the breath sample of a normal individual and then the breath sample of an individual who was suffering from cancer.

With the two breath samples, the dog clearly distinguished as to which breath sample was abnormal and it yapped when it was being made to sniff. It is also being said that the dogs have the ability to sniff out the breast and lung cancer at very early stages. I know that most of you would be thinking that is it really true that could it be so simple that you give a breath sample and the dog is just going to sniff out whether you have the cancer or not. Well my answer would be yes, it is tested and proven now that the dog can sniff out the cancer. This information is widely out in the media and has been named as a big breakthrough of the century in terms of diagnosing cancer at very early stages. I know it is a bit surprising for people, it did to me too, but I saw it as to how the breath samples were being collected and the dogs were made to sniff them and they yapped when they sniffed the abnormal breath samples of individuals who had the cancer.

There are still a lot of questions that must be crossing the mind. This process of using the dogs to sniff out cancer started when the owner of a dog was being warned by his dog who was constantly sniffing out his melanoma lesion and thus the owner was being screened and was told that he is suffering from melanoma. It is a really interesting avenue that has been opened up to diagnose the different cancers that people suffer through. Another interesting thing to note here is that the dogs were being trained and they successfully sniffed out the bladder cancer as well as melanomas.

A study was conducted in which the breath samples of individuals who have been recently diagnosed with cancer were being obtained in special tubes and then these tubes were being placed at specific distances. There were also special tubes containing breath samples of individuals who were normal. The dogs who took part in the study were being trained for approximately three weeks before this study was conducted and they were not any special dogs but ordinary pets who went through the training. These dogs were being trained to sniff and indicate which of the test tubes had samples of cancer patients. It was already known by the researchers as to which test tubes had the normal samples and which ones were abnormal. The dogs sniffed out the tubes with about a percentage of between 88 to 97 percent both with sensitivity and specificity. This is something amazing. The dogs after sniffing the normal breath samples ignored it and indicated only to the abnormal breath samples.

I believe that this is a huge breakthrough and that it can result in early diagnosis of cancer and can save millions of lives throughout the world. These studies were conducted in England and America and I am hopeful that other nations will work on training the dogs for early detection of cancer as this can change the face of diagnosing cancer patients at very early stages.


Head Lice Problem

Head lice is a very annoying condition in which the lice gets to the hair of the children and they just live on the scalps of the head of humans who are its host. The lice then lays the eggs and these eggs are laid close to the scalp, which adhere to the hair. The lice sucks the blood from the scalp and this results in the itching on the scalp, which is being scratched by the children and that causes the formation of the scabs. The itching on the scalp is the first sign of the presence of lice in the head. When the child scratches on the head often then that alerts the parents as well as the teachers at school because it just spreads at a very fast pace and can infect all of the children in a class. Therefore if a child is being found with nits and lice in their hair needs to be quarantined so that the rest of the children are not infected by it.

The nits are glued to the hair so it is not possible for the individual to see it with the brushing of the hair, so it is really important that the nits and lice be seen in bright light so that it is known for sure that the child has lice in their hair. It is also of note that the lice can transfer from the children to adults and since it can infect a lot of individuals, it is something that needs urgent attention. If you are unable to see anything with the naked eye then you must use a magnifying glass to be sure if the lice are present or not.

The lice that are adult are brown in color and they look very much like the elongated ticks. The lice have six legs and they just make the life of an individual miserable. The life span of a head louse is about 30 days and the head lice lays about a total of 100 nits. The only food that the head lice survives on is the blood of a human and when they are being picked up from the head, the head louse cannot even survive for 24 hours. The pattern with which the head louse colonize is that they lay about four eggs a day and about seven to ten days later these egg hatch and this process of multiplication goes on at a very rapid pace and this is something that needs to checked really soon or it can result in a spread to a lot of other children and adults. So it is important that you get a treatment on an immediate basis as well as treat the hair again of the infected children and adults in about another week’s time as well.

The way the head lice transfers from one individual to another is that they get transferred to the accessories that are being shared among different individuals such as combs, hair brushes, hats etc. The more common way of transference of lice is from head to head contact. The most common ground where we can see the rapid spread of the head lice is the school and it is in a school setting that the teachers take a lot of care to prevent the lice from spread and when a child is being inspected to have lice in his or her head, these kids are then being given a note for their parents to inform them that they have lice in their head and the parents need to treat the lice that very day. The next day when the kids go to school, the very first thing that the teachers do is that they inspect the kids again to make sure that they do not have any lice in their head because if the lice or the nits are being spotted again, then the parents are being asked to take their kids to home so that the lice just do not get spread to other children.

One of the most effective ways to treat the head lice is to find them manually and remove them. The other method that the parents use mostly is the use of tea tree oil that removes the lice or other solutions that are known to kill the lice and after cleaning the hair, they must be looked under the bright light to make sure that all the lice and the nits are removed from the hair. Another way that can be used is to place a white tissue paper underneath the hair and as you are combing the hair, you can see if anything falls on the hair and you can know if there are any lice in the hair that were being left. There are even special combs that are being sold to comb out all the lice out of the hair.

The right way to brush the hair to remove the lice and nits from hair is that one should start brushing the hair from the scalp to the ends by looking at the strips of hair in smaller sections so that it can be seen that whether the nits or the lice are being adhered to the hair in any segment. Brushing the hair like this can be a very time consuming process and one just has to patient while going through that process. The child can be looked for the lice and nits every day after having a shampoo to make sure that there are no remnants of lice left in the hair. It is very important that all the bed sheets, blankets, pillow covers should be washed in hot water so that the lice are being killed. One should also vacuum the carpets etc. to make sure that there is no living lice left in the home or it can again grow to the same extent as it had been before.


Cosmetic Procedures

There are a lot of procedures that are being introduced for rejuvenation. It is the dream of every person to look younger and to continue to maintain their youth throughout their life. It is also true that a lot of people look for procedures where they are able to get the modifications or changes in their appearance the way they want to. For example there are individuals who want to have a different appearance of their nose so that they would look more beautiful, women want to have more fuller lips, some prefer to have their breasts enlarged and wrinkles is a very common cosmetic problem that appear along with age that men and women both want to get rid of. When an individual desires to go through a cosmetic procedure, the first thing that they look for is to what procedure is present to correct the situation that they are in. The next thing that comes across is the cost of the procedure. Therefore it is really important to sort out a lot of things that needs to be done before one gets on having the procedure done.

Another very important aspect that the individuals must know before they would proceed with the cosmetic procedure is that they must know about the physician or the cosmetologist who is going to do that procedure on them because this needs to be looked out with great care. The first and the foremost thing that needs to be checked is the amount of time that that individual has been performing the procedure and what are the results that he or she has found in the different individuals who have opted for those procedures or are there other better options for them that they can opt. In this article we are going to see as to what are the different procedures that are there in the market and their pros and cons.

Wrinkles are the most common cosmetic problems that the individuals go through and the wrinkles appear most commonly is the nasolabial fold that extends from the side of the nose to the angle of the mouth. This fold was treated earlier with a collagen, this collagen was derived from the animal fat. Using the collagen was of risk and could cause the allergic reaction in an individual. Therefore the individuals who opted for this were required to go through the allergic tests and after that they had to wait for approximately a month. Those of you who are thinking of getting collagen being injected must know that this is an outdated process and the new process that is being currently used in the market to remove the nasolabial fold is the hyaluronic acid in which there is not testing required and is very popular.

There are three agents that are used to treat the nasolabial fold and these are Restvlane, Radiesse, and Captique. The pain and swelling with Restvlane gives the minimal pain and the bruising is less than a day, the effect of it lasts for about six months and the cost of one injection is about $600. The next agent is Captique, which causes very little pain and causes the least amount of bruising, the effect of it lasts for about four months and the cost of one injection is about $450. The other agent is Radiesse, which is a bit more painful that both these agents, it has a little more bruising effect than both the agents and its effect lasts for about nine months to a year and it costs about $1,200.
The different physicians say different things, they mostly say that they explain the different agents to the individuals and as they prefer.

There were also collagen injections that were given to the women to give their lips a plumping look, but now the trends have changed and the women are now getting Restylane in most of the cases. The doctors advise not to take Radiesse as a filler because it only causes the lumps and bumps to appear on the lips. Another thing that is being used to make the lips look fuller is hyaluronic acid.
There are areas of the face such as the areas around the cheeks, around the chin, as well as the jaw line, which are the larger areas and these need large amount of fillers to fill them up. The most commonly used injectible is Sculptra, which is a newly used filler, as well as the fat grafting. In the process of fat grafting, the body’s own fat cells are being harvested from the donor sites and in this there is a small amount of local anesthesia that is being given on the desired areas of the faces. The harvesting of the fat cells can be responsible for developing for the living cells and can result in the long term and permanent results. The experts say that the results from the Sculptra are not immediate and it takes about a month till these effects can be noticed.

In the brows, crow’s feet, as well as the upper face where the Botox injection is usually injected. The Botox is different in its mechanism with which it works because it causes the paralysis of the muscles and causes the lines and wrinkles to disappear. The Botox can be very helpful in minimizing the lines on the forehead and also the crow’s feet around the eyes. It can also cause the neck cords to disappear. The cost for one injection of the Botox injection costs about $400.

It is really important for the people who are willing to have the different cosmetic treatments that they must consult it with their doctors and that they should realize that their decision is really important in deciding what treatment they want for themselves. So it is best to find the right person to do that as the results depend a lot on that. I wish you best of luck and hope that you get the right results that you are looking for.


Having Tea Is Beneficial

We drink so many different beverages in our lifetime. There are many people who just really want to know as to what they are taking, they just want to explore all the different things that are a part of their diet and that is a very good habit. It is really important that you just know the different things before you start out to add something in your diet on a regular basis because that way you will know as to whether the ingredients in that food or beverage are going to help you or are just going to affect your health in a negative way. Are you a person who likes to find out as to what are the different ingredients in a diet? If you are such a person then I can assure you that you would be able to maintain your health pretty positively and a good diet is going to make you really healthy.

In this article we are going to talk about the benefits of tea and as to what are the different studies that have been carried out on it and how a lot of people are benefiting from it. I think that you can also join the club of tea lovers who are just having it on a daily basis just to extract the benefits from it. A fact that we would like to share is that tea is the most used beverage in the world and it takes the second place after water. There are different types of tea. A lot of people have black tea, green as well as red tea. An important fact about tea is that it contains polyphenols and this ingredient is known for its antioxidant properties. Our body is going through a constant wear and tear process and the antioxidants help us protect our body from the oxygen free radicals that are released. These oxygen free radicals just cause a lot of damage to the cells.

Along with the fact that the tea has the antioxidative properties, it is also known to have shown the anticancer properties of polyphenols. There are studies that have been conducted in which it was shown that the polyphenols that are present in the tea are responsible for reducing the effects of the cancer such as gastric, esophageal, as well as skin cancers. The polyphenols are known to bear the anticancer effect when they are taken at about 4 to 6 cups a day. So it would not be wrong to say that the tea is a miraculous beverage that we can have to help us protect from a lot of different diseases. Another cancer that the tea protects the individuals from is ovarian cancer in women and it is being said that the women who just take about two cups of tea in a day can reduce the occurrence of ovarian cancer by 46 percent. The polyphenols are also know to prevent the formation of blood clots, as well as lower the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Now we are going to briefly discuss the level of processing of the different teas. The black and red tea are dried for a very short time and then they are just crushed and fermented and ready to use. On the other hand the green tea is the least processed tea. This processing does not affect the polyphenols that are the active ingredients in the tea through the way the different teas are being processed. The amount of caffeine contained in a tea is about 40 mg where as the caffeine present in the coffee is about 85 mg.

A very important fact that you need to know here is that there are a lot of tea products marketed as herbal, the thing that you need to know is that the herbal tea is not the tea that is being derived from the leaves but it is being derived from the roots, spices, herbs or other parts of the plant. Therefore it is important that you know the difference between the herbal tea and the tea that is being obtained from the leaves because the herbal tea just does not contain the ingredient polyphenols in it and if any of the herbal products are saying that it has the polyphenol ingredient in it then you need to be aware of that product, just buy it when you know all about it in detail. The black, green and the red tea is being derived from the tree that is known as camellia sinesis. The herbal tea is also known as tisane and it does not contain polyphenols.

In the decaff tea, the caffeine portion is being taken out of it, but it is not known whether the polyphenols are being extracted out of the tea in the process of decaffeination. So if you want to enjoy the benefits of the polyphenols, then you must take the tea that is not decaff because it definitely has the polyphenols in it. The recent research stated that if you are going to take about two to three cups of tea then your health is going to be much better than drinking only plain water.

Another important fact that needs to be mentioned here is that the tea also has flavonoids in it that help prevent cell damage. So with all the recent researches and the active ingredients present in the tea, it is being recommended that you must take the tea to promote your health.


The Blue Peel Obagi

A healthy skin is everybody’s dream. There are a lot of creams, lotions, treatments that are available to make the skin look young and healthy. Along with time there are newer methods that have been found out with wonderful results and one of the main focuses regarding skin health is the anti aging treatments that people are looking for. The treatments that provide anti aging are being what people are preferring over the simpler treatments. One of the newer treatments that have been introduced in the market is the Obagi Blue Peel and this peel treatment has been marketed on the TV channels and has gained huge popularity among the people who really want to have excellent results on their skin.

The Obagi Blue Peel is an invention of Dr. Obagi and that peel is being applied on the skin of the face and this peel is actually a blue green peel and has dyes in it too. The dyes make it possible to see as to what are the different areas of the skin where the dye has not been applied and that helps the dermatologists, the beauticians, doctors, as well as plastic surgeons who are applying it. The peel actually does not have any acid in it unless it is being added by the cosmetologist. The acid that is being added in the Obagi Blue Peels is the trichloroacetic acid, which is also known as TCA, which is being added in different strengths to the peel cream according analyzing the skin texture and sensitivity. The standard amount of acid that is being added in a strength of about 20-50% has much better and long lasting effects than in higher concentration, because in these concentrations the peel can be left on the skin for a significant amount of time without causing any damage to it.

Those of you who never had any peel treatments must have a question in mind as to what is the purpose of this peel and how it is going to have a positive effect on your skin. Well, the chemical skin peels are used to remove the top most layer of the skin and that is an extremely sophisticated process where the cosmetologist has to be trained as to how much amount of peel needs to be applied along with the potency of the chemicals added to it. When the top layer of the skin is removed, the new skin that is more young emerges from underneath. The top most layer of the skin is what wears and tears and thus causes uneven patches at places that are then replaced by the new skin from underneath. These peels remove the top most layer of the skin that is going through the wearing out phase and reveals out the new skin. Normally the chemical peels have varying degrees of chemical strength in them and they range from the glycolic acid to the TCA and the phenol skin peels, phenol peels are highly toxic and can remove much deeper layers of the skin.

Mostly the doctors and the cosmetologists and even the plastic surgeons use the TCA that is being added to the peels and this has gained a whole lot popularity and is used by millions of people throughout the world who are suffering from acne rosacea, wrinkles, spots on the skin, aging lines, the skin that is damaged by the sun etc. The TCA peels are also known to cause increased collagen production and results in bringing up a younger and fresh skin.

When you will go to have a session to get your skin treated with the Obagi Blue Peel, the cosmetologist, physician or plastic surgeon would pretreat your skin with alpha hydroxy and it is important to attain the best results. Another important thing to mention right here is that the Obagi Blue Peel cream is known to slow the activity of the TCA, which removes the excess oil with the help of a good soap or cleanser and that is why the pretreatment with the alpha hydroxy is needed. Then the Obagi Blue Peel is being applied in layers and it is being applied after the assessment as to what depth needs to be achieved to treat the skin problems. After the peel is being applied, pure TCA is then applied in sections. After the application of pure TCA, the skin will turn red or white and this indicates that it is done and needs to be neutralized and the neutralizer is pure water with ice and baking soda.

When the procedure is being done, it is really important that the healing solutions and creams are applied so that the bacterial infections can be prevented. There are a lot of expensive solutions and creams that are present in the market but it is best that you use the Neosporin cream that is pretty cheap and severs its purpose because it only costs about $3 whereas on the other hand the expensive creams can go above and beyond $100. Obagi Blue Peel is a costly treatment but the results are truly remarkable and is being recommended by a lot of cosmetologists and other professionals who treat individuals for their skin problems.


People With Longer Legs With Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

There are a lot of researches that have proven a lot beneficial to millions of people throughout the world and it is of great importance for all of us to go through the researches, which tell us a lot of amazing facts that these researchers find out through a lengthy period of time. There are some researches that take years till the final results are revealed. Today our article is focusing on a research that tells us regarding the relationship of longer legs with lower risk of heart disease. This was pretty interesting to learn that the length of the legs is related to heart diseases.

There was a study conducted in which there were about 4,000 women who were being selected to be a part of the study and the leg length of these women were measured, as leg length is a strong indicator of the diet and living conditions involved in childhood. It was mentioned by the researchers that there are a lot of factors that are related to heart diseases such as age, obesity, smoking, diabetes etc., but the researchers also said that the risk of heart diseases in women decreased by about 16% for every extra 4.3 cm in leg length.

In this study, the researchers took different measurements, which include height, leg length, trunk length, as well as weight of women whose ages range from 60 and 79. In this study it was also tested as to the lung functions of these women and also to determine whether these women used to smoke or not or are currently smoking, as well as their social status. Since the heart diseases have a lot of different risk factors that are known therefore it is very important that those factors should be determined so that it could be found that whether these women have been having any of these factors that are relating to heart diseases. There were about 700 women out of 4,000 women who had heart disease and about 700 had a history of heart attacks. These were the women who were found to have poor lung function tests, had high cholesterol levels and were more insulin resistant and this factor of insulin resistance was something that can predict that these women can develop diabetes and these were the women who were from the middle class and were working women.

Even after considering all those risk factors, it was considered that leg length was also strongly linked the risk of developing heart disease in women. It was found that the women who had heart problems had leg length of about 746.2 to about 752.6 mm as compared to the healthy women whose legs were measured to about 757.5 to about 760.3 mm. The researchers also added that there were environmental factors that ranged from the birth to puberty and that they affected the growth of the bones of legs, which had a long term effect on future of heart disease risk. Another very important finding that was being mentioned was that breast feeding as well as high energy diets in early ages i.e. age of two years and the factor of being born in a family who have been unable to manage their finances and are ranked in the poor family can directly affect the growth of the child and thus it will continue to affect the health in a negative way until the nutritional status of the child gets better.

In the analysis it was also found that there was a direct link between the leg length and the intimal-medial thickness of the arteries, which is a measure of the thickening of the blood vessels that can tell the development of atherosclerosis as well as hardening of the arteries at an early age. The researchers also added that the walls of the carotid arteries were found to be thinner in the individuals who had longer legs, as compared to the individuals who had shorter legs and that these individuals with longer legs were less likely to develop the atherosclerosis in the blood vessels, as well as reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

Therefore the researchers said that the leg length was directly linked to the intimal-medial thickness. This amazing research has provided a great deal of information to us that gears us to know the facts that can cause harmful sequence of events that can be looked for at the earlier stages of life and that can be combated at earlier times and that a great deal of care and prevention can be put into play such as careful diet and exercise so that the chances of developing such factors that can cause heart diseases can be prevented.

I hope this article has provided you with a good fund of knowledge and thus you can take the measures that are needed to prevent yourself from harmful diseases that can affect your health in a negative way. You can also contact your physician to ask them about this research and ask as to what risk status you rest on so that you can get the right guidance in order to prevent the heart diseases.


Bionic Brains

There are a lot of people who are living their lives in a living hell where they are praying that they must die because there is no hope for them to be alive. These are the people who are going through an ailment of some kind where they are suffering through every single moment of their lives. It is just so frustrating to live a life where they just cannot see because of retinal detachment and they know that they will not be able to see because there is no known treatment to help them and there are people who know that they just cannot move at all after they suffered an accident where they had fracture of their spine, which left them paraplegic. To tell you honestly it is very easy to say all that but the ones who are truly going through these things, they are just suffering day in and day out and we just cannot understand how much misery they are going through.
It is really very encouraging to know that there are scientists and researchers who are working day and night to find the cure of the problems that have really just crushed the life of the individuals. This article is based on a new research that has found a hope for the individuals who have been paraplegic and this is a great breakthrough for the patients who had spinal cord injuries. The individuals who are quadriplegic are now able to open e-mail, can surf the different channels on TV and can switch on the lights just with their thoughts and it is possible with the help of a brain sensor that is being placed in the brain that just translates the thoughts into actions.

An individual was being attacked with a knife and due to that he was left paraplegic in which he was unable to use his arms or legs, but now since he has been implanted with the sensor in his brain, he can now draw pictures with the computer program and can also play video games, as well as use a prosthetic hand to grab onto things. Isn’t this amazing that the person who had no hope at all is now able to live a life where he is able to start living his life all over again, with learning the new ways that are being devised for him to live a life where he is not dependent and where he is able to communicate with a lot ease. This is a giant leap in the development of new technology and since this is a new advancement, there will be a lot of other technological advancements that will be brought in that would improve these sensors and will be able to provide such individuals with a lot of hope and capacity to perform the activities of daily living.

Before this technology was being used in humans, this was being tested in monkeys and in that there were sensors that were placed and the monkeys were trained to use their mind power to control the cursor on the computer and they were able to control the cursor and that just raised the hopes of the scientists that this technology really worked and it will bring back the lives of millions of people throughout the world who have been living their lives with no hope at all. The researchers are of a thought that this technology will take a lot of time to be available in the market and that there are still a lot of experiments that are needed to be done so that they are able to give the best version of the product so that people can have the maximum benefits from it and that this will not stop there and that there will be a lot of changes that will be done so that much better results can be obtained from them.

The researchers added that as of now the people who were paraplegic are able to use the computer with the sensors placed in their brains and to use their prosthetic limb to grab onto things, which is in its very early phases and that they are looking forward that these individuals just start to live a normal life and that everything can be done very smoothly. They also added that there are a lot of tasks that we do every day and we take all of that for granted. Do we know that when we lift an egg, how complex of a maneuver it is, but we just don’t know. This task becomes complex because there needs to be a very precise force that needs to be applied to lift the egg and if that precise force is not applied, then the egg will just break. They said that they are working on that as well so that these individuals can perform very refined movements as well.

This is a great hope that we have with this research knowing that one day there will be much powerful sensors that would enable these people to live their lives in a totally normal way and this was something that was not present before and people had no hope at all, but now people have hope and they know that they can do something about it. The individual who received the brain sensor was able to activate the motor cortex even after three years from being paralyzed and this was something that was really interesting for the scientists and they are hoping that people who have been paralyzed for longer periods of time can have a new life with these sensors and will be able to live a better life. It was also being added that these sensors will not only be helpful for people who had severe spinal cord injuries through which they had been paraplegic, but it would be useful for those who are suffering from damage to the muscles, nerves, as well the individuals who are survivors of strokes and also the individuals who are suffering from the muscular dystrophy.
Where this research is a big hope for all of the people who are suffering, it has its negative aspects as well. The sensor that is being implanted in the brain can work for a few months and since this is being implanted in the brain, it requires a surgical procedure to take that sensor out and then placing back a new one or recharging the same one and these are very big tasks that need to be worked on.
The things which were thought to be science fiction are now a reality and that is a big hope for the people who are living a life dependent on others where all of their dreams were just lost in hopelessness can now have a life full of dreams and thanks to all the researchers and scientists who are working on them through day and night to bring such an excellent breakthrough to all the mankind. Special thanks to all of the researchers and scientists.


Find Yourself A Partner

There are different people with different lifestyles that they prefer to live in, there are some people who prefer to live alone so that they are able to find the most time for themselves and that they can do whatever they want to do and they do not have anyone asking them the different questions that they do not like at all. These people are the ones who actually do not like any intrusion in their life at all, but still people need people to live their life in a healthy way. It is very important to note here that the people who are living in their 50s and 60s are the ones who are the most affected living their life in total isolation.

Isolation is an environment where the individual is living all alone and when they come home they have to cook their food, wash their clothes, fix the mess in the house, but the most important thing that should be noted here is that these people do not have any one with whom they can share their feelings or thoughts, they are just hearing the echoing of their own sounds and just keep the things inside themselves. For some people this situation might be very satisfying, but I think for a lot of people this thing can be just a killer for them. For people who depend on people need someone to be with them and live their lives with and this is something that they need very badly.

The worst part is that when people need someone the most, it is at that point in time at the ages of 50s and 60s that people are living an isolated life. An isolated life for these people who are depending to share their emotions and feelings are living a very depressed life and depression is the root cause of a lot of problems that could be disastrous to these people. I believe that if you are a person who want to live in an environment where you love to spend your time to share your feelings and emotions with the person or people you love, it would be very depressing to be in a home that is all quiet, where everything is just so depressing and this is something that is taking the life out of you. Every single day is just a burden and this just very seriously affects the mental health of an individual. If you are a person who is not the kind who wishes to live alone, then you must be find yourself a partner whom you can live your life with.

There have been a lot of researches that have been carried by the researchers who are trying to find out as to what are the effects of the lifestyle of living alone on these individuals and especially the people who are in the age group from 50s to 60s and it is not only the men who live alone but also women and both of these make a big community of people who are living a life in isolation. It would not be wrong to state here that there are people who are very happy to live their life in total isolation and always wanted to live that lifestyle but just never had the opportunity and they are the ones who are very happy with how they are, but on the other hand the other group of both men and women are living a very distressing life being alone.

According to the recent research that was being conducted showed that the people who live alone are at double the risk of developing heart disease as compared to the individuals who are living with a partner. It was also added that these individuals are also more prone of developing the problems of severe angina as well as heart attacks and this includes both the men and women. It was also added that these individuals who are living alone are living a very stressed life and it is because of this that they are leaning more towards developing habits that are really devastating to their health when they need to concentrate the most towards a healthy lifestyle so that they are able to prevent from developing any serious illnesses. These individuals who are living alone are also the ones who eat poor diet and then ultimately suffer from a lot of diseases. The negative lifestyle includes excessive smoking, drinking, not taking care of their personal hygiene, not eating at regular times and thus they are at a risk of developing a lot of serious illnesses.

The researchers stated that they studied about 1000 people who were elderly and they found that there were about 646 people who were found to suffer from severe heart problems and had heart attacks and there were also individuals reported to have died from the condition known as acute coronary syndrome. Therefore on the basis of this study it was established that the relationship between age and living alone was one of the strongest reason to predict that the people from these age groups can really suffer serious medical conditions. There was also a very stunning data that stated that the women who were over the age of 60 years were a total of about 5% of the entire population but the startling finding was that they were making one third of all the deaths from the acute illness they were suffering from within the 30 day span of their diagnosis. On the other hand men who were of the age of 50 years or above made about 8% of the entire population but accounted for about two thirds of the deaths from acute illnesses in the 30 day span of diagnosis.

Therefore the major thing that accounts for the death of these individuals is the bad habits that they adopt such as smoking, poor eating habits causing them to have increased weight gain and cholesterol and depression. Another really important thing that needs to be mentioned here is that these individuals have either a very small or no social support group at all and it was also mentioned in the study that the individuals who were living alone and had a good social network were the ones who were enjoying a very healthy life with a pretty healthy lifestyle. I would conclude on another very interesting finding that the scientists have found on the factor of living alone and that was that there were monkeys who were kept in an isolated environment and during that study period it was found that these monkeys were the ones who were at a very high risk of developing atherosclerosis, which is the buildup of fat accumulation in the vessels that can lead to severe coronary disease leading ultimately to death.


Lots Of Drugs Lacking FDA Approval Are In Market

There is a very startling news that has been disclosed by the Food and Drug Administration that there are thousands of prescription medications such as the cough remedies, pain killer, as well as sedatives that are being sold out by the pharmaceutical companies and these medicines being not approved are being prescribed by physicians and are being dispensed by the pharmacists to millions of people. It was also being stated that these medicines are in the market before the rule was passed for the drugs to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration and still these drugs have not been approved as of yet to check whether they are safe or are as effective and whether they have the effective labeling that make the people aware of their benefits, side effects on their labels, as they are being marketed throughout the United States.

The senior officials of the Food and Drug Administration stated that it is very hazardous that these medicines are floating in the market without the run of the proper checks on them so as to establish their safety and this then can lead to a very serious drug safety issue to the consumers and this must be addressed because it is not only the older drugs but it also contains the newer drugs that are present in the market and do pose a serious risk to the users of those medications. The statistic that was provided by the Food and Drug Administration was that these medicines that are not approved by them represent about only 2% of the prescription drugs. It was also added by the Food and Drug Administration that the pharmaceutical companies who are selling these drugs are making millions and millions of dollars in revenue from them on a yearly basis and these drugs cover a broad range of medicines that are not yet approved and have unapproved active ingredients in them.

In another notification from the Food and Drug Administration, they have announced that they will start to sort out the companies who are making these drugs that are illegal, i.e. not approved by the Food and Drug Administration so that they can be labeled as safe drugs for people to use and they said that they will begin a very comprehensive crackdown on these companies who are making these medicines that are unapproved. This is a very important issue that the Food and Drug Administration is focusing on right now because FDA is the regulatory authority to test the medicines before they are launched in the market and these drugs are such that we do not know their effectiveness and we don’t know that whether they are going to cause any side effects that are hazardous for the people and are longer lasting and will cause any impairment of the activities of daily living or disability. These drugs need to be checked for so that it can be ensured that the people who are going to be using that medication will be safe from its harmful effects in the given dosages.

There was also a comment being made mentioning that it is really surprising that there is such a big amount of these prescription drugs that are floating in the market that are not being approved by the Food and Drug Administration and yet a lot of people believe that these medicines are being tested and checked for their safety by the Food and Drug Administration and that is very surprising. The Food and Drug Administration officials said that they are making a detailed report on the different statistics as to what are the different prescription medicines floating in the market that have not received any approval from the Food and Drug Administration and what are the different companies who are involved in the production of these prescription drugs so that proper action can be taken against them and these medicines be removed from the market in consideration of the public safety. They also added that there are certain medication products that come in the market for a short period of time and then vanish and that they will keep a close eye on all the unapproved medications that are there in the market.

The Food and Drug Administration stated that the major unapproved category of the medicines include cough and cold medicines that have antihistamines, narcotics with single ingredient, as well as sedatives that are present in the market. The other category of medicines that are unapproved belong to the class of the anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs related to the gastrointestinal tract, as well as a lot of other products. The officials of the Food and Drug Administration also said that they do not know exactly for sure as to how many medicines are out there that are currently being used as the prescription drugs but they think that that is a huge number that they are looking at.

The Food and Drug Administration officials have said that a lot of the doctors and the pharmacists would not consider that some of the medications that are being prescribed as unapproved by the FDA because these medicines are being marketed in the medical journals as well as in the Physicians’ Desk Reference. The manufacturers on the other hand say that the FDA should not take pull the medications out from the market because they have been proven effective and that the patients have not reported any side effects from them, but this view of the manufacturers was being rejected by the Food and Drug Administration.

It would be a very good step by the Food and Drug Administration to put a proper check on the medications that have been in the market but are not approved as of yet, so that these medicines can be checked for their safety levels and that it would be made sure that the patients receiving the medications are the right medicines and that would not damage their health in any way.

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