Facts About Sleep And Weight Connection

There are a lot of studies that are being conducted to determine the link between sleep and weight. Today our article is also based on this fact and we will discuss as to what are the findings of the link between sleep and weight. It is really important to note here that the problem of weight gain is a very common problem throughout the world and a lot of people are suffering from it. It is a very common finding and everyone knows it that when you are not having enough sleep at night, you have a terrible start of the day. You are feeling irritated, your mood is totally out of order, you eat in a hurry and everything just seems to irritate at its limit and thus it makes one feel really bad throughout the day and these effects have a direct relation to your health. On the other hand if you have a good night sleep then you would be feeling really good in the morning and everything seems to be very pleasing and smooth and you would be able to function really well throughout the day.

According to a latest research done the two hormones known as leptin and ghrelin were found to be playing a major role in the process of weight gain and these hormones are playing a vital role in maintaining that balance between sleep and weight gain. It was found that the individuals who are deprived of sleep are the ones who show an alteration in the levels of these hormones and thus this puts them at risk of developing gain in weight. The sleep deprivation causes a disturbance in the balance of the feeling of hunger and fullness, which then leads to the eating at abnormal times as well as at higher levels than before. It was found that the people who are sleeping less than eight hours every day are the ones who see a trend in the increase of weight than the individuals who were sleeping close to or about eight hours per night.

Thos people who are sleeping less hours are the ones who do not feel energetic during the morning hours and they are not able to perform their daily activities with the mental alertness that it requires them to have. It is also found that the people who are gaining weight are the ones who are needed to follow a daily exercise program so that they are able to lose weight at a good pace, but since they are unable to sleep well, they are less energetic and they do not feel that they can exercise well and hence they do not get involved in doing exercise as part of a regular routine. Those people who have a good night sleep can make a pattern in their life where they are able to do their activities of daily living well and can exercise regularly too and it is not something that they have to push themselves to do it.
The researchers also pointed out that since where the number of hours are important in maintain a balance in the hormones, it is also important that these individuals have a good quality of sleep as well. Those individuals who are suffering from sleep apnea are unable to get good sleep and this is most commonly seen in individuals who have gained weight and it is with this problem that they are unable to get a good quality sleep and hence are prone to gain weight.

Another hormone that is linked with appetite, weight loss and weight gain is cortisol. The increased level of cortisol is the culprit in causing weight gain and thus prevents the loss of weight with its high levels present in the blood. The factors that cause increased levels of cortisol in the blood are the physical and the psychological stresses. At this day and age there are a lot of factors that cause increase amount of stress that the individuals go through and thus it makes it very difficult for the people to find a balance in their lives where they are able to keep really calm and smooth. The cortisol level also achieves really high blood levels when an individual is not taking adequate amounts of sleeping hours. When an individual is going through stress the body signals that there is increase loss of energy and this then makes the individual to eat in large amounts to level up the nutritional requirements as are being signaled by the increased level of cortisol secretion in the blood. In this case you need to see that there was no loss of excessive energy from your body and with the increased level of cortisol your body is signaling you to eat more to level up your energy requirements and you will do so by eating but if you see that the food that you are going to eat is not what yoru body actually needed but is something that is now going to be stored in your body in the form of fat.

This needs some immediate realization in the matter so that you can set the right patterns for yourself. You must know that you are not going to eat under the severe amount of stress even if your brain signals you for that. Another important thing is that this pattern in your life where you are sleeping less and in turn you are eating more is something that you have to cut down slowly. It is not something that you can just curtail in a day or two but it is something that will need you to have proper organization where you set your times when you go to bed, make a proper sleeping environment and list down all the possibilities where you can fix all the patterns appropriately and you will see that there will be a huge turn for good in your life.


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