Nutritional Enhancers For Children

Children need high energy foods in their growing years and the parents just try to find the best foods that just have the best ingredients in them. . There is this one nutritional formula with the name of Emergen-C, which is an energy drink and that is also very beneficial to be used in the days when an individual is going through illness. This drink contains vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese, chromium as well as zinc. The drink is available in different flavors so there is a lot of choice for the kids to get the drink of their choice even with a change every now and then.

Another very important food ingredient that has to be in your child’s diet are the essential fatty acids that are responsible to maintain the health and the immune system. An important fact about the essential fatty acids is that these are not manufactured in the body and thus has to be taken from the food sources. The foods that contain the essential fatty acids include nuts, seeds, fish, oils etc. It is important to note here that essential fatty acids are lost when the oils are being processed through high temperatures. The essential fatty are very vital in the formation of the cell membranes that line up the cells in our body and thus it is with which the cells are able to maintain their functions properly. The most common symptoms because of the lack of the essential fatty acids include the rashes, acne, brittle nails, hair loss, infections that are recurrent. The deficiency of the essential fatty acids can also cause irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Flaxseed oil is a very good source to obtain the essential fatty acids and that it is organic. You must know that the flaxseed oil is slightly sweet and if there is a change in the taste then you should not give that to your child because that is rot. So you must keep the flaxseed oil refrigerated to prevent it from getting rot.

Flaxseed meal is really important to be a part of your child’s meal because it just cures for a lot of conditions that the children can normally go through. The flaxseed meal prevents the development of pimples on the skin, as well as it prevents the child from developing constipation. There are also essential fatty acids that can be obtained by using the oil capsules that are being obtained from the cold water fish, which is salmon and that is something that your child needs.

Another very important component that must be in the diet of your child is calcium and magnesium. The function of them is to relax the muscles, improve blood flow, making the bones strong. If your child does not have calcium in their diet then their bones can become really affected by it and can be a cause of bone fractures. The kids therefore must be given milk on a regular basis to help make their bones strong.

A very important antioxidant that must be a part of the diet of your child is the vitamin E, which is important for the heart, cell membranes etc. Since the children play most of the time during the day, they release oxygen free radicals in their body that need to be neutralized through vitamin E because this will help the kids recover from the radical damage much faster. Vegetable oils can be found in vegetable oils, wheat germ, liver and eggs.

You can also give your child protein powder a day, which is either rice or soy based to the children who are sensitive to the dairy products. This will give them high quality proteins, you can also add this powder to the oat meal or muffins or anything that the kids would love to eat.

A wonderful source of B vitamins is the Brewer’s yeast and that also contains the trace minerals. This yeast can also be added to the different foods that the children would love to eat and this would just help them to take a very good source of energy.
An apple is a very good source of iron and can help the kids maintain the level of iron in their body. Children can also use blackstrap molasses that is also a very good source of iron and can be added in the gingerbread, baked beans etc.

Another very important ingredient that must be a part of the child’s diet is the zinc, which is also known as the cold buster. Zinc is known for its properties to make the immune system strong and thus the zinc can be a part of the children’s diet by giving them zinc lozenges in different flavors that they will enjoy. Zinc is known to make the immune system strong and help fight the cold symptoms.

Therefore these different ingredients must be a part of the kids diet so that they get all the energy and strength that they need to grow. You can definitely learn more about the different diets that can be planned at best for your child so that you can see your children grow healthy and strong and make an essential part of the community.


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