Organic Matcha

Matcha as we know is the powdered from of green tea and organic Matcha is the green tea that are widely cultivated under the specialized conditions in Japan. All the Matcha green tea are usually grown under safe growing conditions for maintaining the truly green organic tea meeting stringent norms that have been set by the certifying agency known as Japan Organic & Natural Foods Organization – JONA. Matcha are grown by using natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals are used for its plantation making truly organic green tea known as Organic Matcha.

There are basically two different varieties of Organic Matcha called Kaoru and Kaoru Supreme. The Kaoru Supreme is the better quality among the two which is grown in Shimoyama village in Japan’s Aichi territory, being grown at an elevation of 640 to 660 meters. This tea is grown by using only the natural organic fertilizers and no agriculture chemicals whatsoever and complies with the requirements of JONA certification norms. The product is also certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association – OCIA and has the authentic USDA as well as European IMO seals.

The term Kaoru in Japanese means the ‘fragrance’. This is another quality of organic Matcha yet the quality is absolutely superb. This quality too complies with all the requirements of the certifying agency and is well accepted all over the world.


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