Warning To ADHD Drug

There is a recent concern that is being brought up by the use of one of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder known as Dexerdrine. This drug is known to provide benefits to the individuals who are suffering from the ADHD but according to the recent reports this drug can cause serious side effects in individuals who are suffering from heart disease. Since this drug is a stimulant, so it can cause unwanted side effects.

There was a notification in which the Food and Drug Administration has asked the pharmaceutical companies who are making the drugs to treat the ADHD should add a warning label on the drug Dexedrine for the patients who are suffering from heart disease. This warning was issued because there were some instances where the children and teens who were suffering from heart diseases who have taken this drug resulted in sudden death. The other side effects of this medication included hallucinations as well as delusional thinking.

One thing that was still unclear was that it is not known whether it is only Dexedrine that should not be taken or the other ADHD drugs must also have that label on them so that the individuals who are suffering from heart diseases must not take that drug as well. It came to knowledge that the Food and Drug Administration has issued the warnings on the newer ADHD drugs, but since Dexedrine belonged to an older class there has not been any warning issued for that specific drug, but now FDA has ordered to add a warning label for that drug.

There had been some conflicts in the decisions of the FDA where the FDA pediatric advisory committee recommended that the ADHD drugs should not carry the serious black box warnings on them and must have labels on them that will make the people aware of the fact of the side effects that this medicine can cause to the individuals who are suffering from heart diseases. On the other hand another FDA advisory committee about a month back said that there must be black box warnings that are added on the ADHD drugs because it is fatal for the people who have heart diseases. In the end the FDA advisory just remained focused on the less severe recommendation.

As of a current estimation of the children who are currently suffering from the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ranges to about 2.5 million in US alone and that is a very high figure, and it includes about 1.5 million adults as well who are suffering from ADHD and who are taking medications to take care of their ADHD symptoms.

ADHD was not recognized much but slowly and gradually it has growing number of cases that are being recognized and reported and that has caused a high surge in the medication so that this condition can be treated and the symptoms of this disorder can be alleviated. There is behavioral therapy that is being given to the individuals who are suffering from the ADHD but the role of medications is big because that is what controls their symptoms.

Another set of serious side effects that are being labeled for the ADHD medications include the growth suppression of children, high risk for psychosis, bipolar illness as well as aggression.

This warning is going to pose threat to a lot of individuals who are currently taking this medicine because this would caution the doctors to be very careful in prescribing that. Another very important aspect that was being brought into consideration was that the doctors should be more vigilant in taking the history because through history it can be better probed whether the individual is suffering from any heart diseases because if they are suffering from heart disease and suffering from ADHD as well then the prescription of ADHD medications must be stopped depending on the severity of the heart conditions. Even if the drug is being prescribed in the presence of the heart condition that is not that severe then a very close observation should be in place to see as to what are the side effects that the individual is going through after the use of the ADHD drugs.

In the end, I would like to say that there should be research done to find more safer drugs for ADHD so that the fears at the ends of both physicians who prescribe them as well as the parents and the children is avoided so that they feel much safe using the ADHD medications, which is really important since there is a huge number of people who are suffering from this illness.


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