High level of sensitivity to substances such as pollens, foods or microorganisms leads to allergic symptomatology. The most common symptoms that occur in the allergic symptoms are sneezing, itching and skin rashes.

The foreign substances that cause allergy are known as allergens. Allergies can develop at any age and is also related to family history of allergies. It is being said in the researches that when both the parents of the child are not allergic, the chances for allergies in the child is 15%, and in children who have one parent with allergies have about 30% risk of having allergies, and if both the parents have allergies then the risk increases to about 60%.

The allergens are the cause of production of an immunoglobulin known as IgE, which is an antibody produced in large amounts in people who are allergic from different allergens.

When the person is sensitized with the allergens, there is a large quantity of IgE that is being produced in the body. The IgE coats the cells which have toxic chemicals in them, and one of those chemicals is histamine. Histamine is responsible for inflammation and the typical allergic symptoms.
To name some allergic conditions are hay fever, asthma, allergic conjunctivitis, hives etc.

Just to describe one of the condition to better understand the allergic condition is hay fever, which is the most common form of the allergic diseases and it is caused by molds, dust mites etc. In this condition the membrane lining the inside of the nose gets inflamed and the symptoms that occur are runny nose, sneezing, nasal itching, postnasal drip etc.

So as a bottom line, the allergic reaction is a response of a body to an allergen and is a protective mechanism to prevent the body from the harmful effects of it and occurs due to the secretion of histamine, which cause swelling and redness of the membranes lining the nose or the organs inflamed.

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