6 Types of HGH You Must Know About

HGH is so important to the body that there is a market out there for HGH supplements. When the body is unable to produce sufficient HGH, you can take the supplements to enhance the levels. Although, initially only people with low HGH levels took HGH, in the recent years, athletes have also started using them. But what are the types of supplement available? Given below are 6 types of HGH that will help you to know more about them:

1. Natural HGH

The human body happens to be the only source of natural HGH production. It was extracted from the pituitary glands of cadavers to treat growth deficiencies in children. But in 1985, owing to the possibility of diseases, the practice of using cadavers for HGH extraction was stopped.

2. Synthetic HGH

Somatropin and somatrem are HGH prepared artificially in the laboratory, using the structure of the human DNA. Be advised, these synthetic HGH products have an additional methionyl amino acid in it, known to produce some unwanted side effects in the body. This happens due to the fact that methionyl increases the antibody build up in your body. Remember that only a licensed doctor can prescribe a synthetic HGH and is introduced into the body via intra venous injections.

3. Sustained – Release HGH

This sustained – release HGH is produced from recombinant HGH and is also well-known as LB03002. Remember that LB03002 needs to be introduced into your body via intra venous injections and thus mustn’t be done without expert supervision. Also, LB03002 is well-known for being a recombinant HGH with minimal or no side effects. It is widely used in Korea and is awaiting FDA approval for introduction in USA.

4. Homeopathic HGH

Homeopathic HGH was introduced into the market by various companies in order to meet the increasing demand for growth hormones as an anti-ageing miracle drug. The fact that it is a homeopathic product makes it easier to obtain without a prescription from a doctor. The Homeopathic HGH products claim to contain HGH releasers and are usually available in the form of liquid sprays. The side effects and effectiveness of Homeopathic HGH can be questioned.

5. HGH Injections

HGH Injections are usually used for introduction of HGH externally into the system of a person who suffers from HGH deficiency due to problems with the functioning of the pituitary glands. It is considered by many as the one and only form of HGH which is effective and has minimal side effects owing to the fact that it has been in use for many years now.

6. HGH Sprays

HGH sprays have been around in markets for quite some time now owing to the fact that many people believe that oral consumption of HGH is the most effective way of introducing it into the body. The point of contention to this claim is the fact that the HGH requirements of an average human being are too high to be compensated by diluted HGH sprays. Some people claim that HGH sprays are hoaxes with little or no HGH content in them.

In spite of the fact that you now know about the various forms of HGH in the market, you mustn’t trivialize the need to consult a doctor before consumption of HGH supplements.


The Right Diet To Increase Your HGH Levels

When the production of HGH in the body decreases, aging starts to set it. Before the availability of supplements, the only way to replenish the decreasing levels of growth hormone was by injections. But these injections are very costly and are also available only on prescription. You can, instead, use HGH supplements and include foods that promote HGH production.

Eat a Protein Rich Diet

Include protein rich foods like soybean, chicken, fish, pork, beef tofu, eggs and milk that are protein rich. This helps to boost the production of HGH. In fact, a study has found that out of the 20 amino acids in proteins, six stimulate production of natural HGH in the body.

Eat Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk, eggs, yogurt and cheese are all good ways to boost HGH production.

Eat Choline Rich Foods

Maximum HGH is released in the initial hours of sleep.
Choline is a necessary nutrient, found in foods like peanuts, broccoli, milk, Brussels sprouts, wheat germ and beef liver. When a special type of choline, A-GPC, is taken before exercising, its absorption in the body increases, resulting in increased HGH.

In addition to these foods, make exercising a regular part of your routine. Exercising, especially resistance training or intensive 10-minute exercising enhances production of HGH.

Sleep deeply for at least 6-8 hours in day and you will soon find that HGH levels in your body have increased. You will not feel the effects of aging.


Top 3 Weight Loss Myths Debunked

“Damn this weight loss plateau! I eat right, I exercise regularly and still I’m stuck at the same number since 2 months. What the hell am I doing wrong?” I’ll tell you what. Maybe it’s your facts more than your actions that are constantly deterring you from moving closer to your weight loss goals.

Sometimes hearsay is unquestioningly accepted as universal truth by majority, simply because it has been passing on from generations. Millions of people end up being a victim to these myths and get caught in the rut, losing all their motivation and finally giving up because even though they’re putting in their best efforts, they hardly see any results.

Of course, you do not want to add onto the statistics of these people. Given below are some of the popular weight loss myths that play culprit for derailing the efforts of a huge majority of weight watchers:

1. “Strength training will make me bulky”

To start with, let’s clarify one thing. One pound of muscle doesn’t weigh more than one pound of fat. They weight just the same, however muscle definitely takes up less space and is denser in comparison to fat. So, two people with same weight can look very different, if one has a higher lean muscle mass to fat ratio. Muscle weight makes a person look more fit, firm, and small. Good muscle mass also enhances metabolism, helping you stay lean.

Strength training makes you optimally burn calories throughout the day and heavier weights can give you the best result of your efforts. The research team of the Washington University School of Medicine found that using heavy weight for the workouts improves the sleeping metabolic rate of exercisers’ by almost 8%, even if you do only 3 to 6 repetitions. This means that you can lose almost 5 pounds more every year even when you do nothing else.

2. “All calories are the same, so what I eat doesn’t make much of a difference as long as my calorie count is right”

For decades people believed that all calories are the same. You eat 500 calories of cake or cereals; they will be burned or stored by your body the same way. It has now been scientifically proven that calories are not at all alike when it comes to losing weight.
Certain foods require more work in eating than others, like chewing whole grains, vegetables or fruits. But these are also the foods that have calories that are more easily burnt when you’re trying to digest them. The mere act of chewing has been known to improve the calorie burn by almost 30%.

A Japanese study also revealed that women who ate food that require more work had better waistlines than the ones who ate foods that are easy to eat. It is actually the protein and fiber in the former that require the effort to digest, which causes your body to not absorb much of their calories.

If you avoid processed foods, your body’s ability to burn fat continues to be high all through the day, so you keep on losing weight and still not feel hungry.

3. “Don’t eat at night, else you’ll gain weight”

NO snacking at night. It’s all logical you know – it’s the time when you’re least active, so you shouldn’t eat too much at that time. Even a study in the Journal named Obesity in April 2011 said that you’re more likely to be obese if you eat after 8 p.m. Why? There are really no clear-cut reasons that have been suggested. And the topic still remains a debatable one, since ages.

The truth is – it is more about how much do you eat, instead of when you eat every day that decides your weight gain. Most people are in the habit of consuming more calories during the night just because they’re bored, or because of negative emotions, like loneliness or any other, and not because they are actually hungry.

This usually makes them exceed their calorie limit for the day and often gets stored in their body as fat. Sometimes these people may also wake up the next day with little or no appetite for breakfast, the meal that regulates our metabolism as well as our calorie intake for the entire day.

Although sleeping early does help, but if that’s not an option, you can try eating your dinner an hour later than you usually does, to avoid the nighttime snacking, suggests a spokesman for American Dietetic Association. Nevertheless, even if you postpone your dinner, make sure that you have it at least two hours before you sleep. This is helpful in avoiding mindless snacking in the evening.

You can try the best weight management program that there is or even buy the most raven weight loss devices for yourself (like this belt) but if you’re trapped in any of the myths mentioned above, you’re sure to reach a stage when you’ll be clueless about how to cross that dreaded plateau. At that time, you’ll know that it was probably one of these myths that were holding you back.

This is why it is important that you do not just accept things on their face value and question the reason behind what you hear. Only then will you be able to debunk these myths and know what’s actually right for you. After all, there are a lot many myths that surround us than the ones that are mentioned here.

Marcia Calleiro is a vegan and a work-from-home mother. Calleiro usually orders from any healthy meal delivery or diet meal delivery service as they serve fresh, tasty and nutritious food. She combines this with her waist trimmer device for overall fitness. She is currently a contributor to Health Care Information Website, a site that educates its readers about various health and weight loss issues. In her free time, she likes square-foot gardening, playing games on her Xbox, and spending time with her family.


Preparing Your Mind for Effective Weight Loss

You want to know the future of the weight loss industry? Simple! It’s rooted in bringing about the behavioral changes in people to help them achieve their long-term weight loss goals and keeping those unwanted pounds off for years to come.

With most fad diets having hit rock bottom in their popularity charts, more and more people are now realizing the need to bring about the crucial lifestyle and behavioral changes in their lives in order to fight this trying obesity battle. They now understand better than ever before that success of weight loss goals go a lot beyond just the right exercises or diet. That there are many other factors that can influence our hormones, the environment around us, and our body composition and influence our journey to lose weight.

While we can control a lot many of these factors, there are some factors that cannot be controlled by us. To ensure our success, we can try to identify these events or behaviors that are beyond our control, be proactive about them and prepare ourselves to deal with them.

Friends and Family Impact Your Weight

A study conducted by the University of Michigan revealed how behavior modification and peer pressure can affect the lifestyle/eating choices made by female freshman roommates. The results clearly showed that roommates who had bulkier partners are likely to gain a lot less weight (one-half pound) in comparison to those who had slimmer roommates (two and a half pounds, on an average) in the first year.

For sustainable weight loss, lifelong behavior modification is important. And our family and friends, to a great extent, influence what we’re eating as well as when/how frequently we’re eating them.

Quite understandably, researchers were of the opinion that bulkier roommates are, more often than not, on some kind of exercise routine or low-calorie diets, which catches on with their roommates, making them gain less and avoid the defamed ‘freshman 15.’ Behaviors of heavier roommates make their roommates more conscious about their nutrition and diet and modify their habits for the good toward weight reduction and healthy eating.

There are certain behavior changes that you can implement in your life to achieve your weight loss goals:

Switch to a Door-to-Door Meal Delivery Service Instead of Heading to a Fast Food Joint – It so easy to find a meal delivery service that provides healthy and delicious freshly-cooked food while keeping your calories in check. You can try this service or this one, to start with, which are two of the most popular meal delivery services in America. Stick to them and you’ll not have to get into the hassle of counting calories again. They do it all for you.

Aim to Change Your Habits Permanently, Not Temporarily

When you set unrealistically high goals for yourself, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment from the very start. Keep your focus on changing your habits rather than reaching out for a number, after which you long to get back to your “normal” habits, only to gain all of your lost pounds all over again.

Establish small goals for yourself while altering your habits. Try aiming for weight that is somewhere between your current weight and your final weight that you want to achieve. Give your body some time to metabolically adjust to every new weight loss plateau and accomplish your goal in small steps than just trying to take a giant leap.

Ask Your Peers for Help

Health-conscious behavior is contagious in social surroundings. We all more or less know about the basic negative and positive habits of people around us. When people who surround us indulge in healthy eating habits that encourage weight loss, it doesn’t seem too difficult to resist temptations and most of us often follow suit, only to see excessive pounds disappear in no time. Modify your lifestyle and eating habits and at least some in your peer group are sure to follow suit.

Reward Yourself for Your Small Achievements

Remember how your parents used to get you that coveted toy to reward you for scoring high in class? It was a great way of keeping you motivated to do better every time. Nothing much changes when you grow up, except that you need to reward yourself now.

Apply this to your weight loss journey. Maybe you wanted to buy that expensive watch that you thought is extremely extravagant to spend on. So set a milestone for yourself and if you successfully achieve it, go buy that guilt-free. After all, you’ve worked hard to earn this for yourself. Such small rewards can be a great positive reinforcement to motivate you to stay on track. The only thing you need to be careful about is, don’t reward yourself with any food items and you’ll be fine.

People and environmental factors that surround us can make a great deal of difference in our motivation and mindset to reach our weight loss goals. Try staying with positive people who share the same belief system and are trying to achieve the same weight loss goals and it would all begin to look as effortless as it could be.

Marcia Calleiro is a vegan and a work-from-home mother. Calleiro usually orders from any healthy meal delivery or diet meal delivery service as they serve fresh, tasty and nutritious food. She combines this with her fitness program for overall fitness. She is currently a contributor to Health Care Information Website, a site that educates its readers about various health and weight loss issues. In her free time, she likes square-foot gardening, playing games on her Xbox, and spending time with her family.


Nurturing Your Child’s Creative Side – Top 3 Tips

It is almost accepted as a norm by most people that the level of creativity is innate in every individual. All we can do is just accept the way our mind works. The truth is, our growing environment in our tender years decide our graph of creativity to a great extent. Discouraging peers, restricting or overprotective parents, negative teachings, and distracting surroundings, all play their part in killing the imaginative powers and innovative ideas of young minds. Plus, the need of teachers and adults to make children conform to the norms is another way to discourage new ideas that dwell in their minds.

If you are one of the smart parents who wish to nurture your child’s creativity, here are a few tips that can prove to be helpful:

1. Provide Your Child with Artistic Supplies – Paint, brushes, canvas, clay, paper, are all the materials that impel children to create something. While a little guidance doesn’t harm but let your children explore their imagination to make what they want out of these supplies. Parents must realize that it is not the final product but the process of creating that is more important to inspire creativity in children. So, allowing them the freedom of expression is mandatory to nurture their innovative side. You may even encourage them to make their scary halloween costumes for 2012 themselves, if they are old enough.

2. Ask Them Open-Ended Questions – Questions that have a lot many possibilities can force a child to think deeply and you may even discuss various other alternative possibilities with your child, giving them a whole new perspective on things. What if questions, or questions like, how can you change or improvise this, or how do you feel about something, et al are all good examples of such questions.

3. Allocate Time For Imaginative Play in Their Everyday Schedule - Give children some time to indulge in their favorite activity once in a day, just for fun. It may be painting, dancing, playing any musical instrument, or anything else. It will help to limit the use of electronic toys as it restricts thinking. Empty boxes or building blocks are open-ended toys that best exploits the imagination of children. Also, keeping a check on TV viewing is also important as television often coveys a distorted view of others and promote gender-based, racial, religious, and cultural stereotypes.

Creativity develops a child’s ability to solve their own problems and fosters open thinking. Parents should try to adapt to children’s way of thinking as much as they can, instead of trying to structure their imagination to adapt to their own adult ways that are corrupted by what is “acceptable” to majority.


6 Routine Stretching Exercises

Unlike how many people take it to be an option; stretching should actually be a part of your daily routine. Beginning with warm ups and ending with cool downs have its own set of benefits. Foremost being, it prevents injuries and muscle pulls and prepares the body for the exercise regimen. Stretching also improves flexibility. There are different types of stretches that have been created, keeping different training programs in mind. Some of them have been described below along with the fitness program with which they should be combined:

1. Static Stretching – This stretching is a cool down stretch where you have to stretch your body to its maximum distance and hold it there for half a minute. It is done by staying in one place and does not involve any quick movements. All that you can feel during this stretch is a mild pull throughout the body.

2. Passive Stretching – This is similar to the above stretch with the difference that it requires a partner who provides the stretch. One example is the hamstring stretch where you stand with the wall supporting your back and your partner lifts your leg in a stretch. This stretches the hamstrings and is one that is popularly used by all sports people.

3. Isolated Active Stretch – Trainers and massage therapists use this from of stretch. They hold the position and remain there with the assistance of only the muscles. One example would be the air kick where you kick your leg up in the air and hold it for a count of 30 seconds. It increases elasticity of the muscles and also improves blood circulation.

4. Ballistic Stretching – This encourages a part of the body to be exercised to go ballistic, or in other words, beyond its range. These stretches can cause injury if you are not used to them and should be performed under the supervision of a personal trainer.

5. Dynamic stretching – When your swing your hands and legs in a controlled manner so that they reach their maximum limit of motion, you perform a dynamic stretch. The stretch begins slowly and as your get used to the motion, you increase the speed.

6. Isometric Stretching – This is a kind of stretch where you resist stretching after the muscle has been stretched, creating a pull. So, there are two movements in the opposite directions. You can do this with the help of a partner and ask him to hold your leg high while you oppose it.

All these stretches and a few more increase the flexibility of the body and prepare it for the actual exercise without having to buy any pills, no matter what your age may be. They also increase the flexibility of joints and you will find that the ligaments and tendons are stronger than ever.


How To Challenge Negative Speculations

When does a thought begin to affect you? When it repeatedly creeps into your mind! It then takes control over your emotions and you start feeling low and depressed. Thoughts, especially negative ones, don’t need your permission to enter your mind. They come as they please but it is up to you to push them out.

Of course, if you fight them, it will only be that much harder to make them go. So, what can you do? Challenge them! Follow the tips given below to challenge negative speculations –

1. Take Charge of Your Thoughts and Feelings – It is so easy to tell yourself to take charge. But, how do you do this? Medical science teaches you to apply Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Test the negative speculations with reality so that the situation gets clear in your mind. You understand that these thoughts are meaningless.

2. Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts – Every negative thought is associated with a bad memory. So, when something triggers the memory, the thoughts return. Why not try to replace the bad memories with good ones. The result will be good memories and positive thoughts.

You can also practice affirmations to do this. If you have doubts that your husband’s love for your has decreased, practice affirmation. Repeat – I am happy in my husband’s love – as often as you can, till the sentence becomes a chant in your mind.

3. Seek Professional Help – One sure way to fight negative speculations is to seek professional help. You can seek the help of a hypnotherapist to help you release negative thoughts. They will work towards replacing the negative images with positive ones. Or, you can apply guided imagery to rid your mind of worries. Fight them back with positive thoughts and images and soon they will be a thing of the past.

4. Be In the Company of Friends – When you are in the company of your friends and peers, you will be able to forget the negative thoughts. Share your worries and unburden yourself. You will find that your load is lighter. It is also quite possible that you may find the solution to your problems.

5. Enjoy Life – Don’t keep brooding over your troubles. Enjoy life and try to engage your mind elsewhere. Read books, listen to music, go for long drives, watch a movie, do aerobics and others. There is so much that you can do to keep your mind occupied. Try out some of these options.

Negative thoughts may seem real to you when they occur. But, they are only as real as you let them be. Challenge their reasonableness and you will find that they are unable to face reality. They will vanish in the face of reality. Be aware of your thoughts as they come and go. Make a conscious effort to become aware of them. When they come knocking at your mind’s door, usher them in along with positive thoughts. You will be surprised at who manages to stay there.

Read quotes of great people wiser than you. You can find some awesome quotes here. Read them and follow them to challenge negative speculations.


3 Fat Burning Foods You Didn’t Know About

You may buy cosmetics to camoflague the imperfection of your face but the imperfection of your body cannot be hidden much, no matter how hard you try. This is why it is important for you to address obesity issues right from this day.

Did you know that crash dieting is not only useless in helping you lose some extra pounds but it does affect your health as well? The new mantra of losing weight is a healthy approach that involves eating the right foods to flatten those bulging tummies. Following are some foods that you must include in your diet to speed up your weight loss process in a healthy manner –

1. Yogurt And Fruit

Are you in the mood for a tasty treat early in the morning while going to work? Why not make yourself a tasty yogurt and fruit mix in order to satisfy the taste buds while ensuring that you are burning ample fat from your body. Yogurt and fruit have the capacity to burn as much as 0.2 pounds of fat with every serving. In just a months’ time, you will be 6 pounds lighter. Now that is some serious magic!

2. Blueberries

Blueberries are a perfect solution to keep your stomach full in between meals, while ensuring you are do not add any extra weight. People usually tend to nibble on junk food items that are disastrous for your body’s fat content. Instead, nibble on blueberries whenever you feel huger pangs. With consumption of blueberries, you will be telling goodbye to 0.24 pounds of fat every year!

3.Vegetable Stir-Fry

Are you dying to eat some well-cooked restaurant food but the nagging thought of fat accumulation stops you? Go ahead and taste the vegetable stir-fry from your favorite restaurant. A daily dosage of vegetables is excellent for burning the extra fat in your body. Each helping of vegetable stir-fry will ensure you are 0.06 pounds lighter every year. Have a host of vegetable options in your stir-fry in order to maximize the effects.

Gone are the days when starving to near death situation was the only way to lose the extra flab in your body. Eat and stay happy!


5 Health Benefits Of Lavender

Lavender! The name brings to mind a soft, refreshing aroma. But lavender also has many health benefits. Although lavender has been an important ingredient in many traditional health recipes to treat sickness, but it is only now that the awareness about its benefits is catching up with people. Given below are 5 health benefits of lavender:

1. It relaxes the body and mind – Most of the body and massage lotions use lavender as a prime ingredient. This is because it has the property of relaxing your mind and body. Lavender contains a compound called linalool that de-stresses the mind. Adding 6-8 drops of lavender oil in your bath will relax you. Alternatively, you can also apply lavender oil after a shower.

2. It promotes deep sleep – With a fast paced life, sleep is becoming elusive. Lavender oil has properties that promotes sleep, relaxation, improves mood and enhances concentration. Yes, you may even order hgh pills for these benefits but natural ways are always the best. Right? You can either spray a few drops of lavender oil on your pulse points or use it as aromatherapy to have a deep and undisturbed sleep. According to Alan Hirsch, neurological director of Smell and Taste Research Foundation, the smell of lavender produces alpha waves in the brain that promotes sleep.

3. It reduces hair fall – In a study conducted by the University of Maryland, people suffering from excessive hairfall were asked to use lavender oil. After 7 months, these test subjects reported regrowth of hair.

4. Detox your skin with lavender – The environment is full of things that are not good for your skin. The pollution, dust and grime make your skin dull and lifeless. Use a lavender body wash to wash away this pollution and the grime. It is supposed to make your skin glow with health and youth.

A study by Johnson & Johnson also found that lavender contains antioxidants. As a result, using the lavender body wash improved coarse skin by making it smooth. It calmed the irritants acting on the skin.

5. Using lavender as a love potion – Men who used lavender found that they were more sexually aroused and were able to satisfy their partner better. The herb is not a love potion but is very effective all the same.

Use lavender in your life to promote a healthy life. The herb is natural and therefore, safe to use. You can use it as massage oil, in perfumes, powder or for aromatherapy purposes. The results are just amazing.

Rhiana Jones is a health expert and a freelance writer. In her free time, Jones loves exploring fashionable accessories. Recently, she came across a great site to buy sexy superhero Halloween costumes 2012.


4 Great Exercises for Outdoor Workouts

Nothing beats exercising outdoors with the wind blowing and the feeling of being free of confined spaces. Working out in a gym may have a lot of benefits, but outdoor workouts can be equally beneficial if you do them the right way. Burn calories with these 4 great outdoor exercises:

1. Run On The Beach – There are many advantages of living close to the beach. One of them is the feeling of being free when you run on the sand with the feel of wind on your face the sea spraying on your hair. Run barefoot to make your exercise more fun. Your body will adjust to the rhythm and foot pattern naturally. All that you have to do is to do a few warm ups for your ankles before you begin with your run.

2. Park Plyometrics – The next time that you go to a park, be ready to do a challenging workout called Plyometrics. You need a 6-12 inch wall to help you with your exercises.

(a) Jump Off With Single Leg – Stand with a foot on the ledge and ensure that your heel is near the edge. Push off with the foot on the ledge and extend your leg. Try to get enough height and swing your arms up as you push off. Repeat this 10 times.
(b) Jump With Double Leg – Stand before the ledge with your feet apart at shoulder width. Place your hands behind the head. Your elbows should face out. Squat a little, jump up and land on the ledge softly. Repeat this 10 times. It must be mentioned here that plyometrics are not for beginners. You must practice strength training and should have good core strength before you attempt plyometrics. Incorporate these exercises into your routine at least two times a week.

3. Climbing Stairs – This is a great exercise for burning calories. Having a park or a stadium close to your house where there are stairs, helps, as working outdoors is more fun. Begin with jogging to warm up. Follow this with stretches, focusing on your calf muscles. Now take the stairs at a run and walk down so that you do not injure your knee. To stretch your calf muscles, stand facing a wall and lean towards it, as if you are doing pushups. Now stretch till you can feel it in your calf muscles. This stretch help prevent calf injuries when you are climbing the stairs at a run.

4. Inline Skating – This involves balance, core stability and muscle coordination. The motion of skating gives your gluts and hips a good workout. When you are doing inline skating, wear protective pads so that you do not hurt yourself if you are unable to keep your balance and fall.

Keep yourself fit by following these outdoor workouts. When working out outdoors, there is a fun element added to a routine and this fun ensures that you enjoy what you are doing.

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