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Alternative medicine is a collection of various forms of therapies and treatment forms that are being used in many different parts of the world and are being followed very closely as people do benefit from them.

Alternative medicine is used with the conventional medicine.  Let us take an example of alternative medicine in which special diets are used to treat cancer instead making the patients go for surgery or chemotherapy or radiation as is being recommended by a physician.

It must be kept in mind that alternative therapy does not replace the conventional mode of treatment, but is there to adjunct it so that the best results can be achieved and the people suffering from different problems get their normal lives back.

We will name some so that we can understand as to what are the different forms of alternative therapy:  Acupuncture.  Aromatherapy.  Biofeedback.  Ayurveda.  Herbalism.  Diet.  Chiropractic medicine.  Homeopathy.  Hypnosis.  Nutritional Therapy.  Meditation.  Yoga.  Massage Therapy.
Let us take an example of an alternative medicine, acupuncture.  There are a lot of people who are suffering from low back pain and there are some people who find benefit from the conventional medicine by taking painkillers, and some do not get any benefit from that.  Those people who do not benefit from the painkillers then have options of surgery, but those people who do not want to undergo surgery have an option to try the alternative medicine, such as acupuncture.  Acupuncture is a method that involves needles.  The acupuncturist knows the points in which he has to place the needles in and after placing those needles the acupuncturist performs gentle movement of the needles and this benefits the back pain to a great extent.

This is just one example and in meditation one can use the process of mind over matter and can reduce the effects of pain.  Therefore the alternative medicine has a great role in our daily lives along with the conventional medicine.

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