Anxiety is a state of uneasiness, uncertainty or fear that results from the anticipation of an event of situation that the individual finds difficult to face. Anxiety often impairs physical and psychological.

A very good example of anxiety can be seen by looking at a person who is anxious by the thought of addressing a crowd. The thought of that is going to make him or her feel nervous and they will start to sweat and their speech might slur and their thought process is all distorted, so this is what anxiety can affect a person.

There are different forms of anxiety depending on different individuals, some people get anxious by the thought of swimming, some get anxious when the examinations are approaching near, some get anxious with the thought that they have to climb heights and they have a fear that they might fall. So all of these things cause the development of anxiety symptoms.

In severe anxiety disorders, an individual can have increased heart palpitations and might lose consciousness as well. The best way to deal with the anxiety is to avoid the thing that can cause it.

According to a study, anxiety occurs about two times more in women than in men. The women suffer more from generalized anxiety disorder in which they always have a feeling of constant fear.

The symptoms of anxiety can be treated with anxiolytic agents such as benzodiazepines such as diazepam. It is to take into consideration that the benzodiazepines are highly addictive and the individual must take those medicines according to their physician's prescription. The person using the benzodiazepines must closely follow the physician's instructions and if there are any side effects from these medicines, they must be reported immediately or the individual must go to the ER.

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