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There are a lot of breast related problems that need to be sorted out as soon as there is a sign of any anomaly.

The physicians ask the women to maintain healthy breasts through proper lifestyle and diet. It is said that the individual should maintain a body weight that is appropriate for height and age, which is below the threshold for obesity. One should avoid a high fat diet. There must be avoidance of cigarettes and one must consider a smoking cessation program.

The most common problem of breast is breast lumps. These lumps can occur due to trauma and can grow in size at a fast pace. The doctors advise the women to do self breast examinations in order to find out any lumps that could be detected. There can be genetic causes for the development of lumps.

The physicians take a family history as to find out if there were any family members who had any breast lumps or any other breast related disorders to determine as to how much risk the individual is at risk.

Generally the lumps are treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but depending upon the clinical scenario, the patients are given an option to undergo surgery for removal of breasts. After the removal of breasts, the patient is then given an option of breast implants for cosmetic purposes, which have their own complications, which are being explained by the physicians to their patients.

The breast cancer is becoming a very common problem among women and for that reason the doctors prescribe annual breast exams and mammograms to rule out any chances of malignancy that can occur. It is advisable that one must listen very closely to what their health care provider is telling them and go for the examinations so that this terrible disease can be prevented. Among many other breast problems, this one is stressed the most because of its increased incidence.

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