Cancer is the deadliest form of disease through which a lot of people in the world are suffering.

In cancer, there is mutation of the normal cells of the organs causing cancer.

There are two types of cancer, benign and malignant and cancer can occur in any tissue or organ of the body. The benign cancer is the one that remains restricted in a specified place and grows to a certain level and then stops. The benign cancer is termed benign because it does not metastasize from one organ system to another. On the other hand, when the normal cells mutate and turn into malignant, then the malignant cancer cells grow at a very rapid pace and involve the surrounding tissue structures with it.

The malignant cancer metastasizes to the different organ systems through blood vessels, lymphatic system, or direct invasion to different organ systems. The malignant cancers are deadly as they grow at a very rapid pace and they disturb the normal functioning of the cells and thus disrupts the normal physiological functioning of the body.

The deadliest cancers are brain cancers, lung cancers, kidney and liver cancers. The ovarian cancers and uterine cancers also come in the lethal category.

The cancers are detected through blood work by checking different diagnostic tumor markers, as well as PET scans and CT scans. The lung cancers are the ones that are detected in the later stages and thus it becomes really difficult to cure the cancer and thus gives very limited options for the physicians to help those patients.

The cancer is treated through different measures, which include chemotherapy, radiation, as well as surgery. The physicians assess the status of the cancer and then make decisions on what treatments must be given. Along with chemotherapy and radiation, supportive therapy is also given to the patients.

It must be noted that early detection and treatment can prevent morbidity and death.

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