Dental Disorders

Teeth are the foundation of our health. This is being said because the function of the teeth is to grind food that we eat and break it down into tiny pieces and therefore we can digest the food easily. Without teeth the health goes down because of not having the ability to chew the food. Therefore teeth make a very important part of our life.

There are a lot of tooth problems that we encounter in our day to day life, which are cavities, pulpitis, periapical abscess, impacted teeth, malocclusion. There are other problems that require urgent attention, which include fractured and loosened teeth, teeth which are broken due to trauma.

There is another very common problem, which is tooth decay, which leads to toothache and tooth loss and can be prevented with a good teeth hygiene by removing the plaque and preventing the tartar from building up.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums and if not treated earlier can lead to bleeding gums and therefore can result in loose teeth or fallen teeth.

Plaque is another dental problem in which a film of a mixture, which consists of bacteria, saliva and dead cells is deposited on the teeth. Plaque needs to be removed by brushing your teeth daily, as this can cause tooth decay.

Having abnormally shaped teeth is also a very painful situation in which there can be tooth fractures and can cause a great deal of trauma to the inside mucosal lining of the mouth.

The disorders of the teeth can lead to severe health problems and these must be sorted out with the dentist as soon as possible.

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