Fitness is a condition of being fit, with a good physical and mental condition, which is a result of a proper diet and exercise.

Eating a healthy diet is one of a major factor in keeping you fit and healthy. A balanced diet contains all the essential ingredients that you need on a daily basis, which include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. One can also measure their diet in the calories. Every individual depending on their age have their own daily requirements of food that they have to take on a daily basis. The calories are based on the weight and height of the individual, which determines as to how much calories must be utilized by an individual.

There are a lot of supplements, which contain the vitamins and minerals that a person can take to maintain a balanced diet, and that also make a very important part of diet as the vitamins and minerals perform vital functions in our body.

One can also make a list of healthy foods that one can eat and avoid using excess fats and excess carbohydrates in diet, as that is directly related to cause excessive weight gain.

Along with taking a proper diet, it is really important that the individual must exercise on a regular basis. Walking on a regular basis is a very good mode of exercise, one can jog in a park, go to a pool for swimming, ride a bicycle, do aerobic exercises etc. There are also cardioprotective exercises that one can do to keep the heart in a good condition.

The basic advantage of keeping oneself fit can enable a person to prevent from being crippled at older age where there is decreased immunity level, joint pains, disruption of normal functioning of organs, which is all because of how we are living our lives now. So we need to be very careful in whatever we do to ourselves now, as this will matter the most in our later ages when we can do least about it.

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