Food is the material that we get from plants and animals to meet our daily diet requirements.  The food consists of essential nutrients, which include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The food is assimilated by our bodies to produce energy and to stimulate growth, as well as to maintain life. 

About ten thousand years ago, humans made development in the field of agriculture, which has been continually improving.

Food is generally obtained through farming, ranching, fishing, hunting, foraging and other methods.  Most of the food is what we get from agriculture.  There are a whole lot of advancements that are being brought on in the world of agriculture.

We must not take food for granted as we depend a lot on rains to have better crops.  At this day and age, there are lot of people in the world who still go to sleep without food.  Even now, when the world has made so many advancements in the field of agriculture, there are still countries who are severely suffering from lack of food and the example of one of those countries is Ethiopia where many of the children have died because of lack of enough food supply to feed them.

The food is a huge market and the food is being shipped from all over the world, there are spices that are shipped in from Southeast Asia to all over the world, there are Chinese food products that are also exported to different areas of the world.

The people all around the world can now taste the food of different regions and the chefs have a whole lot of learning in terms of getting acquainted and learning different ways to cook different foods that represent different regions.

To conclude this article, we must know that in order to perform functions of our daily life, we must eat healthy food to have a healthy life.

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