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Health care is the right of every single individual living in this world irrespective of where he or she is living in, child or adult, it is his or her right to get the health care.

In the early 1990s, people used to pay for the health care through their own pockets. The process of health insurance was relatively undeveloped and it grew along with time. In those times there were a lot of charity organizations that used to finance the hospitals to run their operations.

Slowly and gradually the systems started to develop where the individual can get their health insurance and in that way get their health coverage.

In England and Canada, it is the duty of the state to provide health care to their people for free and they do not charge anything for that. In US, the people have to buy insurance to get health coverage.

There are many countries in the world where the people have to pay from their pocket to get the health care. There are still countries who do not have any health structures at all even to this day. Health care is something that only the ones with money and power have an access to, but not the poor people.

Our world has a population in billions and still there is lack of a whole lot of basic necessities and people can't get basic health care.

The United Nations is working their operations throughout the world where they are trying to make possible that people get their right to the basic health care and that must be provided as the first priority of the nations for their people.

There is a big health care issue that is looming all over the world and that is the bird flu virus that gets transmitted from one human to another and all the leading nations such as US, England, France etc. are pooling in large amounts of money to find a drug that can be used throughout the world to fight the bird flu and thus preventing a big disaster that can turn out as a pandemic.

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