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At this day and age there are a whole lot of health networks that are focused on providing their patients with health services. These health networks go through a lot of competition and therefore they have to keep up-to-date with all the latest techniques that are being brought about to take the best possible care of patients.

There was the era when the ultrasounds were regarded as a hi-fi technology and was used and are still used to determine the various problems that an individual is going through.

After that, there was the era of CT scans and this was regarded as the best technique that was there, which enabled the physicians to have a very close look on the various organ structures of the body through CT scan films taken at various angles and thus making it possible to make better diagnosis of the clinical findings.

After the CT scans, there was the era of MRI scans, which ran parallel to the CT scans and with this technique the physicians were able to see the exact location that they want to with various angles and with thin slice cuts.

Both the MRI and CT scans brought about the revolution in the world of medicine and the hospitals acquire this technology to be in line with the rest of the health providing networks that allowed them to provide their patients with the best possible services.

As the time passed by, there were a lot of other advancements that were brought about such as in order to diagnose the problems of esophagus, stomach and duodenum, the physicians used metallic tubes and then later they developed rubber tubes to assess the status of the gastrointestinal system and now they have a camera capsule, which takes the detailed and complete pictures of the entire tract without causing any discomfort to the patient.

Along with time, there are new gadgets that are coming and the process of providing excellent services to patients is getting better day after day.

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