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Heart is the most important organ of the body. If we make a triad of the most important organs in the body, besides lungs, kidneys and brain, comes the heart.

The major function of the heart is to supply blood to all the different parts of the body through the arterial system and the veins collect the blood and bring it back to heart, which is purified in the lungs with oxygen and then being pumped out again to the entire body.

If anything happens to the heart, an individual can die. If the brain does not get oxygen for about 4 minutes, which is through the blood pumped by heart, the brain cells die. That is all the time brain has if the blood supply is cut to the brain and every second that passes is precious.

The life of all the organs depend on the nutrients present in the blood that is being pumped out to them from heart, therefore it is very very important that the health of the heart is intact.

The major problems that occur with heart are lack of blood supply to heart due to blockage of the arteries supplying blood to it and therefore leads to ischemia of the walls of the heart. The blockage of the arteries is caused by the deposition of lipids, which is a simplified form of fats.

Therefore heart is a very important organ in our body. There are a lot of advices that doctors who specialize in hearts give to the individuals who are not yet suffering from heart disease to prevent it from happening. The major advice includes a balanced healthy diet and exercise, as this can keep the heart healthy and working in a perfect shape.

To keep the heart strong and healthy one should exercise well and eat healthy.

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