Holistic medicine is an approach to medical care that emphasizes on all aspects of a person's well being, which includes physical, social, economic and cultural factors.

Holistic medicine is not just one thing it is a concept that involves the entire person as one. It includes a lot of ways to make possible the person's well being with the use of acupuncture, biofeedback, vitamin therapies, meditation, healing through faith, yoga etc.

At this day and age, we are living in a fast pace world where things are going really fast, and we are moving along with it, with no time at all. What we want in our lives is that we get a quick fix in everything. If we are feeling headache you go for a pill, but you will never see that you never ate much that day and that headache is due to hunger, it is your body reacting to it, but you will go for a pill. Holistic medicine approach in this situation is that you must look for your lifestyle.

There are many problems that we go through that are merely just a reflection of what we do to ourselves and in return our body reacts to it.

Your lifestyle has a major impact on your life and you need to see that very closely before you go deep looking into your problems any further.

The next thing that you really need to see is that as to what you eat. Cause you are who you eat and you need to take real care of that as most of the problems are because of your eating habits.

Your transformation in your life is the gateway to a better life and it all depends on you as to when you want to make that choice.

A great deal of problems arises just from inadequate sleep and if sleep patterns are corrected, many of the problems are resolved.

These are all the areas that are being encompassed and a great deal of others that holistic medicine holds and tells us. We just need to open ourselves and learn.

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