It is a system for treating the disease, which is based on the administration of minute doses of drugs that can produce the same effects of disease when given in massive amounts.

The theory of homeopathy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann in Germany and it is being practiced throughout the world.

Hahnemann believed in the concept to work for the body and not against it, such as he believed that if the body needs to feel warmer then making it warmer would be the proper solution. There was a principle that he derived from this principle, which is "like-cures-like."

The remedy is usually given in very small concentrations, which is prepared according to a procedure known as potentisation. The higher dilution level in the process of potentisation gives more therapeutic power.

Hahnemann considered the spiritual factors as the main cause of all the diseases and thus later the homeopaths placed more emphasis on spiritual factors with homeopathy.

The classical homeopathic treatment requires the homeopathic physician to conduct an interview known as "anamnesis", in which the physician takes an hour with the patient and apart from discussing the various symptoms that the person is going through, the homeopath also enquires about the personal life of the patient to understand better the day to day life to know what their patients are going through.

According to Hahnemann it is really very important to understand the life patterns so that the disease can be treated more easily.

The treatment of homeopathy is derived from a wide variety of animal, plant and inorganic substances, which ranges from sodium chloride to the venom of the snake.

It is said that if the symptoms become worse after starting a homeopathic treatment then this is often termed as aggravation or healing crisis. This can occur in the first few seconds or minutes of ingestion of the treatment. In cases an aggravation does not occur but the symptoms improve immediately or after sometime.

There are so many forms of treatment and people are taking advantage of them when the conventional forms are not working for them and homeopathy is gaining a lot of popularity at this day and age.

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