Injuries & Wounds

This is a very wide topic as it encompasses a lot of the different types of injuries and wounds occurring to the different structures of the body.

Animal bite is a very detailed topic in which there is discussion and explanation of different animal bites and the diseases caused due to it. For example, the bite of a rabid animal such as dog, bat, raccoon, skunk or fox can be very deadly.

When any of the above mentioned animals who are rabid, bite, cause a puncture wound, which pierces the skin and the underlying tissues, and hence causes the rabid saliva to be injected deep, which contains the virus. The virus then travels along the nerve pathways to the brain and causes irritation and swelling, which results in the symptoms of disease. It is very important that a person gets vaccinated for rabies or otherwise this disease can be fatal.

There are some people who got bit by a bat and they did not know that they had contracted rabies until they developed symptoms.

It is very interesting to know that UK has completely eradicated the rabies.

Frostbite also comes under the category of injuries and wounds in which the skin when exposed to extreme cold are damaged severely. Frostbite occurs due to hypothermia and leads to impaired circulation of blood to the organ structures.

The injuries caused by the plants that are poison ivy, oak and sumac can cause allergic skin reaction, which results in skin itching, red rash, bumps or blisters.

Motor vehicle accidents are the major cause of injuries and wounds and are often fatal. This is the third main cause of deaths in the United States. The accidents lead to broken bones, skull injuries and fractures and deep wounds. This is a very serious emergency and must be dealt with as quickly as possible.

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