Massage is the method of applying pressure or vibration to the soft tissues of the body, which includes, muscles, connective tissue and joints.

Massage is applied to the whole body or to the specific parts of the body depending on the needs of the client. Massage is applied to relieve stress and manages pain, as well as to improve circulation to the organs of the body.

Massage is also used for the therapeutic purposes and is known as therapeutic massage.

There are a lot of salons and spas, which are providing their clients with different massage therapies according to their choice. The people who are doing the massage are professionals where they learn their skills in their courses and apply that in the practical sessions that they conduct on their clients.

For a good massage there has to be a very good communication between the client and the massage therapist. This strong communication between them makes it possible to provide the client with the best of the services.

The massage therapies are often performed as applying pressure, which ranges from superficial to deep. The ideal therapeutic massage is the one who experiences discomfort during the massage, which is the sign of the body's natural healing process.

Massaging is done to provide comfort but if it is done inappropriately, it can cause damage and would leave a person in severe pain. If the massage is not done appropriately, it can cause bruising as well. Therefore it is very important that the massage therapist takes great care in giving the massage. The soreness and bruising can be avoided after the massage by drinking extra water.

At the present day and age, there are about more than 150 different styles of massage therapy. The history of ancient massage originated from India and then it became popular in Thailand and then so on it got acknowledged throughout the world. Now massage therapy is widely popular and is used to relax the body and mind.

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