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At this day and age, the mental health disorders are very common. These disorders may be genetic or maybe due to the circumstances or environment that the person is living in.

Before discussing things in a little detail it is really important to discuss that most of the mental disorders originate from the environment that we live in, as well as the health and habits that we adopt in our lifetime.

There are a lot of disorders that originate from use of illicit drugs and cause the person to depend on that and if one is not able to get the desired drug in their system, this leads them to become a threat to themselves as well as the community. The thinking patterns go weird and leads to severe disruptive behaviors. Therefore it is of prime importance that we take care of what point and situation we take our lives to.

There are a lot of mental disorders that are related to genetics such as schizophrenia, sexual and gender disorders, psychological dysfunctions, psychotic disorders etc.

The other disorders that are related to mental health are anxiety, depression, autism, personality disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, child behavior disorders, seasonal affective disorders etc.

These mental health problems can become really aggravated if they are left untreated. It is of great importance that if any problems in behavior is noted, this must be reported immediately to the primary care physician and the primary care physician is then going to refer the individual to the mental health physician, who is a psychiatrist.

Apart from psychiatrists, there are psychologists who help these individuals to get back to their normal lives and they conduct a one to one session and this has really helped a lot of people throughout the world.

The bottom line is that the behavioral changes must be reported to the primary care physicians as soon as possible so that these can be treated and they do not crawl into the coming years in life.

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