Pharmacy is a very interesting profession, with a great deal of responsibilities. It is the art of compounding and dispensing drugs and medication.

The subject of pharmacy began in the eighteenth century and it is when one of the first schools of pharmacy was founded in America. The field of pharmacy has been expanding with the advancement of medicine.

The schools of pharmacy are now affiliated with universities. There is a degree in pharmacy that follows a four-year course. After one clears the examination, they are awarded with a license by the state and it is mandatory to get that license to work.

The field of pharmacy necessitates more stringent requirements in the training of pharmacists. It is of great importance that the medications must be formulated the right way in the exact proportions so that the people can benefit from them and it does not reach the toxic level.

There is a great deal of coordination between the pharmacists and the physicians. They discuss regarding different narcotic medications that the patients are on. Sometimes due to the habit forming drugs that the patients are taking, they tend to give a wrong history and get a prescription, which is detailed and logged both in the records of the pharmacists and the physician from which one can double check things or bring old prescriptions to get a refill on the drugs because they are dependent on that. Therefore before giving the medicines out to the patients, the pharmacist double checks things with the doctor.

It is a high stressed profession in which there is a whole lot responsibility on the pharmacist's part and hence it requires a 100% focus while preparing customized medications for patients.

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