Psychotherapy is defined as the treatment of mental and emotional disorder with the use of psychological methods that are intended to support communication of the disagreements and insight into problems. The goal of psychotherapy is to relieve the symptoms, changes in behavior, which ultimately leads to improved social and vocational functioning.

Psychotherapy is talking with an individual in a one to one session between a psychologist and the person who is suffering from the problem.

In these sessions, which are multiple, the psychologist tries to tap into the problems of the person who is going through them by asking him different questions and making voice recordings, as well as taking notes so as to better understand different things that the person is going through and the conflicts between statements so as to know better as to what state of mind the person is going through.

Dr. Sigmund Freud was the person who made the base of this doctor patient interaction to on a one to one basis to sort out the psychological issues. Dr. Freud has also given many theories, which are being recognized world wide and are mostly being followed to benefit large sums of people.

There were these other therapists such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow who used a highly interactive environment on a client-therapist relationship. They worked on making their clients aware as to how important it is know their self and how they react in certain situations and how they can improve and what if someone would react to them in the same manner as they are to others. These cross questioning and getting answers just opens up the mind and the individuals see as to what they have not seen or realized before. These type of therapeutic sessions were of great help to the individuals who were seeking for help.

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