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We have a very short time that we have in this world and if we look around we see that people are hurting other people and this is just going on in a chain reaction.

We can take an example of a scenario, you got up in the morning to go to work and you had a terrible fight with your wife on the matters that you know the best, it was mostly blaming, and words that hurt both you and your spouse, the result was that you both were hurt and this is how the day begun. Now you can fairly well understand as to what mood you are in and you have a whole day of work ahead of you. Your subordinate came to you and you were feeling real bad as he replied to you a little late and you passed on your flames to him and now that is a wave of frustration that is going to go through him to others.

We need to understand that we should live a healthy and a happy life where there is happiness and peace, but we do not care and our reflexes and our insides our turning bitter. We need to learn that we need to make the most of our lives as this is a one time thing that we have and we won't get it again.

We need to learn to take control of ourselves and be calm and smooth and mold ourselves into individuals who are balanced and not a ball that can roll anywhere to where the surface slants. We need to help ourselves by controlling our aggression and overcome our weaknesses so we can live a complete life.

Life is precious, please take care of it.

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