Sleep Disorders

Sleep is the most important component of a person's life and an individual must take a great deal of care in that they take a restful sleep. When there are problems in sleep wake cycle there are a lot of problems that arise from it.

There is a disorder of clenching the teeth while sleeping, which is known as bruxism. It is being found that the teeth are clenched due to tension, anger, fear or frustration. This disorder causes the erosion of the enamel of the teeth and can result in teeth with sharp edges, which ultimately causes cuts on the inside of cheeks. This disorder can also result in fractures of the teeth. There is an acrylic dental guard that can be applied to prevent bruxism.

Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder in which the individual is unable to fall asleep or sleeps for a very short duration of time. The cause of insomnia can be increased stress, depression, anxiety, environmental factors such as jet lag etc. Among these contributors, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol use can also cause insomnia. This is mostly treated by sleeping at the regular sleep times and making an environment that is comfortable and allows one to sleep quickly. Medicines can be used to induce sleep and decrease anxiety or depression to help the individual maintain a normal sleep wake cycle.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition where the sleep of an individual stops for a very brief period of time. It mostly occurs in people who are overweight or individuals who have obstruction in their respiratory passages. The symptoms of sleep apnea are loud snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, memory changes, depression, irritability etc. The sleep apnea is diagnosed by assessing the patients in the sleep lab. It is treated with not sleeping on one side for long, reducing the weight, relieving nasal congestion, continuous positive airway pressure etc.

Sleep disorders must be dealt very seriously or they can damage the health in a pretty disastrous way.

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