Yoga is a system of exercises that are practiced as part of this discipline, which promote control of mind and body.

Yoga is the ancient spiritual practices, which started from India. Yoga is a collection of traditions, which is focused towards, self-discipline, realization of self, and the unity of self with God.
Some people believe that yoga is a religion, but it is not, it is a collection of spiritual practices, which are focused to support and promote the spirituality and transformative possibilities.

People also practice yoga to promote flexibility, coordination and to promote balance. Yoga involves the movements of the body and the meditation in combination to achieve the peace within.
The basic purpose of yoga is to attain freedom from the suffering. Yoga is the achievement of body, mind, self and surpassing the desire. Dong yoga leads to improved health, mental clarity and emotional well being.

In yoga there is practice to focus on one point, which is an exercise of concentration and meditation. It is being said that yoga is the binding of consciousness to a single point. It is also said that sustained one point concentration slowly leads to the meditation in which the inner qualities expand and merge with something enormous. The people who meditate report the feelings of joy, peace and oneness.
There are many school of thoughts that differ from each other, some believe on focusing on heart being the center, some meditate on one particular thing, and some work on finding peace inside.

Yoga is a practical experience, but one can also find yoga in the text, which explains as to how to perform the techniques, as well as the philosophy of yoga. Many authors who are also known as gurus write books and these books are translated into many different languages so that people can benefit from it all over the world.

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