Alzheimers Disease and Personality

One of the most distressing aspects of Alzheimers disease is the complete change of personality many people suffer. This is especially distressing for their relatives and friends. The personality and general behaviour of Alzheimer suffers in the later stages often seems to be in complete contrast to the usual behaviour they have always exhibited in their previous life.

Another quality of Alzheimers disease and changes in personality is sometimes an underlying feature of the person's character which had previously been well hidden. For instance spiteful traits can be revealed, or a tendency to anxiety, nervousness or aggression both verbal and physical can surface again mainly in the later stages.

Many Alzheimer sufferers remain their old self albeit with accompanying memory loss and orientation problems, but others can have varying mood swings which can fluctuate from being ecstatically happy to very sad.

In the later stages of Alzheimer's disease, these underlying traits can become very prominent and cause lots of problems, i.e. verbal aggression, continuing anxiety which requires continuous reassurance from carers and friends.

Very often personal hygiene becomes a major issue with Alzheimer disease sufferers. Washing and bathing is often forgotten or becomes very infrequent, Alzheimers disease sufferers who were very fastidious with their hygiene etc become very lax.

This can be very distressing for their friends and relatives, especially if clothing is stained with urine or faeces. (Many Alzheimer sufferers leave the toilet before they are finished, or they don't clean their butt or private parts correctly. "Body odour" therefore especially can become a problem, as can also soiled clothing and hands.

Undressing in public and "accidental" flashing or fondling of genitals can become a problem if not carefully monitored. This can also cause untold embarrassment to carers and relatives.

Sometimes it is forgotton by some carers and relatives that it isn't the act of soiling or untoward behaviour that needs to be taken into account, but the importance of dignity being maintained at all times. Dignity is a very precious commodity to own when suffering from Alzheimers disease, as this is often all they have left.

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