Avoid Depression in a Few Easy Ways

Although depression is a very common, oft-mentioned disorder, we really need to take a look at what causes depression in the first place.

The factors that contribute to depression are well-known, and well-researched, however what causes it is not yet fully understood.

Recent studies have helped uncover some of the factors that contribute to the likelihood of people developing depression.


Stress is the all-time great winner of the depression-causing awards. Any stressful environment or situation could lead to depression - social stress, worrying about jobs, problems in relationships, financial worries, staying up late, irregular and uncontrolled lifestyle, pressures of studying and getting good grades. Other events that could cause depression are: death among acquaintances, change of work, moving to a new home, etc.

While these events cannot be avoided, we must come up with an effective stress coping and handling mechanism to be able to thrive even in stressful situation.

Drinking and Drug Use

People who take drugs and alcohol are more predisposed to experiencing depression. When these substances are used at a young age, they can truly have a profound effect on a person’s brain. Although these substances help make the person feel good temporarily, they often become addictive.

Drugs release dopamine within the pleasure center of the brain, just like other pleasurable experiences do. Take this for instance: delicious food boosts dopamine release by about 50 percent. Sex, on the other hand, doubles this number.

However, drugs can increase dopamine release anywhere from four to ten times. This unnatural high almost certainly leads to depression after the high subsides. This cocktail of substance is the surest way to fry brain circuitry.

Drugs make a person depressed more than they make them happy. This effect will spiral downward until the person doing drugs will want more and more of the substance to break the cycle of depression that follows each high.  Thus an addiction is born.

Lack of sleep

Studies show that up to 40 percent of adults do not get the proper amount of sleep per day. And among students, up to 71 percent complain of sleep disorders and lack of sleep.

Sleep is an integral part of a person’s health. During sleep, the body repairs itself and reorganizes thought. Lack of sleep contributes to a lack of coherence in brain waves. This scenario often leads to depression. Sleeping during the day and staying up late also interferes with the body's natural rhythms. This will also lead to a sense of depression.

Here are few ways on how to prevent depression.

Sleep is an integral part of preventing depression. Balance your life with enough rest and exercise everyday. Go for seven to eight hours of sleep per day.

Try to keep some regularity in your life. Keep your activities organized so that they can come at expected and regular intervals. If your weekly, daily or monthly routine is set then your body has time to get used to the activities. This will lead to a reduced chance for depression to set in.

Don't endanger your health by pushing yourself beyond your limits. Keep stress in check and try to avoid stressors if you can. If you cannot, then try to deal with the stressors in a manner that mitigates the damage they may cause.

Sunlight and exercise can help the brain to function at a higher level. Be sure to catch some rays in the morning and try to stay active in the daylight when possible.

Keep yourself away from substances such as alcohol and drugs. They may seem attractive at first, but all they really do is cause havoc in a person’s life.

Make it a priority to have at least one warm meal a day. Good eating habits and good health are important when keeping one away from depression.

Have some fun every day. Nothing takes the load off of depression like some good old fun-time. Make sure that every day you devote a little time to some simple, natural, healthy fun. Social activities such as chatting, joining a support group, sports, and other hobbies can do wonders towards healing a stressed out and busy mind.

Depression can be avoided and treated. And the fun fact is, it can be fun doing so. Follow the above mentioned tips for a sunnier and happier disposition every day. You will look and feel better for it and will never regret not overloading yourself!



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