Blood Test : Kidney Profile

The primary function of the kidney is to filter waste products from the bloodstream. The failure of the kidneys to function properly will lead to the accumulation of certain waste products (blood urea nitrogen or BUN) that can seriously alter the body's chemistry. If left untreated, this co ndition can result in death.

Using the kidney profile, the physician acquires crucial information in regard to the present functioning capacity of the kidneys. This test measures (quantitatively) amount of waste products in the blood. The kidney profile is an important test that can diagnose not only kidney disease, but also severe dehydration. Patients with consistently abnormal kidney profiles, despite good hydration (fluid intake), may require additional tests to determine the exact extent of kidney malfunction. This is also a routine screening test, prior to surgery.


Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN).......8 to 23 grams per deciliter (elevations seen in kidney disease, dehydration, kidney stone with urinary obstruction, urine retention, starvation, and astrointestinal bleeding.

Creatinine (Cr)...................0.6 to 1.2 milligrams per deciliter (elevations seen in kidney disease).


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