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Bitten by a dog? Sprained your ankle? Severe backache? Any hurt or damage to the body is referred to as injury. An injury can either damage the structure or impair the proper functioning of a body part. The basic cause of an injury may be physical, chemical, thermal or electrical in nature, be it a punch in the face, poisoning, burn or an electric shock that harms your body.

Injury may also occur from the lack of a particular element such as heat or oxygen. A person who has to withstand severe cold without any protection, or lack of oxygen in a high altitude area may cause harm to one's body.

Injuries can be minor like a nick or major like bullet shot wounds, which may prove to be fatal. Burns, fractures, wounds, bites, toxic inhalation etc. are all common examples of injury. Injuries can be classified in different ways. Depending on the purpose behind an injury or the cause of it, it can be classified as unintentional and intentional.

When you jam your finger in a door or meet with an accident, it is unintentional injury as harm was not meant. But a person who is punched by another or is shot is referred to as intentional injury. Intentional injury, meaning 'violence' is more prevalent in society today and it can be seen more markedly among adolescents and young adults. Intentional injury can be fatal and may even lead to death. It is more closely related to behavior of the individuals and other social factors like gender, class, race, origin etc.

Self-injury is when one deliberately hurts oneself in a fit of rage or extreme emotional tension. Most people may view this behavior as suicidal but it is not always so. People with psychological problems or autistic children may bang their heads against a wall repetitively or demonstrate other such detrimental behavior. But even seemingly healthy individuals indulge in hitting themselves, cutting their arms or thighs, pulling their hair etc. This is indicative of deep emotional problems such as frustration, anxiety etc. which they are unable to express appropriately.

What concerns most of us is prevention of injury - whether intentional or unintentional. One may take precautions to keep sharp objects from reach of young children or may advise a teen to abstain from violent behavior. But you cannot always prevent a sting or a burn from hot water, so a whole list of injuries (both minor and major) has been compiled along with guidelines for treatment for your benefit.

It is also recommended that you learn basic first aid techniques, which can be extremely helpful in emergency situations. First aid is of two types - one where minor injuries can be dealt with and the other to provide basic care to a seriously injured individual before medical help can be obtained. No person of any age (from infants to the elderly) can always escape injury. It is a natural part of life and awareness can prevent some injuries (such as chronic backache from repetitive stress by heavy lifting). But for other unexpected injuries, treatment is always possible.

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12 Hip Dislocation
12 Hip Fracture
12 Insect Stings and Spider Bites
12 Human and Animal Bites
12 Shoulder Injury Fracture
12 Toxic Inhalations and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
12 Facial Injury Jaw Fracture and Dislocation
12 Kidney Injury
12 Knee Injury General Considerations
12 Knee Injury Contusion
12 Knee Injury Fracture
12 Knee Injury Sprain
12 Stab Wounds
12 Leg Injury Fractures and Contusions
12 Leg Injury Shin Splints
12 Lightning Injury
12 Oral and Tongue Injuries
12 Nasal Fracture or Contusion
12 Neck Injury General Considerations
12 Neck Injury Fracture
12 Neck Injury Spinal Cord Injury
12 Pelvic Bone Fracture
12 Puncture Wounds
12 Chest Injury Rib Fracture
12 Back Injury Sacrococcygeal Injury
12 Scorpion Bites
12 Abrasion Injuries
12 Shoulder Injury Clavicle Fracture
12 Shoulder Injury Strains and Sprains
12 Snakebite
12 Neck Injury Spinal Cord Injury
12 Abdominal Injury Ruptured Spleen
12 Foot Injury Toe Fracture and Sprain
12 Vaginal or Vulvar Injury
12 Drowning and Near Drowning


Abdominal Injury
Abdominal Injury: Contusion
Animal Bites
Ankle Fracture
Ankle Injury
Ankle Injury: Contusion
Ankle Sprain
Back Injury
Back Injury : Sacrococcygeal Injury
Back Strain
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Chemical Burns
Chest Injuries
Chest Injury: Aortic Rupture
Chest Injury: Hemothorax
Chest Injury: Myocardial Contusion
Chest Injury : Pneumothorax
Chest Injury: Pulmonary Contusion
Chronic Back Pain
Clavicle Fracture
Compression Fractures
Decompression Sickness
Disc Disease
Gunshot Wounds
Hand Injury: Fingertip Amputations
Head Injury
Liver Injury
Marine Stings
Muscle Strains
Rib Fracture
Ruptured Spleen
Shoulder Injury: A-C Separation
Spider Bites
Spinal Cord Injury
Sternum Fracture
Testicular Injury
Wrist Injury
hi Scuba Related Injuries
i Hand Injury Finger Amputaion
de Lecerations
de Cold Injury and Hypothermia
dd Dental Injury
xs Facial Injury
sdf Neck Injury
e Shoulder Injury Dislocation
e Ear Injury
ed Elbow Injury
de Elbow Injury Fracture
dfe Elbow Injury Nursemaids
ee Electrical Injury
de Eye Injury
ed Facial Injury General Considerations
fr Facial Injury Contusion
ed Hand Injury Finger Sprains
ded Fingernail and Toenail Injuries
dd Hand Injury Fractures
23 Head Injury Skull Fracture and Concussion
44 Chest Injury Myocardial Contusion
fde Heat Illness
ed Hest Injury Hemothorax
y Back Injury Disc Disease
;l High Altitude Illness

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