Conditioned Insomnia

An insomnia that is produced by the development, during earlier experience of sleeplessness of conditioned arousal. Causes of the conditioned stimulus can include the customary sleep environment or thoughts of disturbed sleep. A conditioned insomnia is one component of psycho physiological insomnia.

According to various research reports the weakness and passiveness in the behavior of people is due to the lack of sleep. Consequently the people who are deprived from restful sleep are greatly affected in term of their work performance and the way they communicate and interact with other people. There are cases wherein people who are usually unable to sleep well tend to be irritable and unproductive.

The ignorance of symptoms and lack of information among people shows that they often take it for granted with out knowing that some time the intensity of lack of good night’s sleep can be a life-threatening condition. Therefore it is strongly recommended that the physicians and other health experts to identify these problems on priority basis so as to avoid harnessing further problems that may lead to death.

Insomnia is a condition that is caused by something else! Sometimes it won't be immediately obvious what the causes are in your own case, but the following list might give clues:

-States of mind - anxiety, depression, worry, anger, grief, anticipating a difficult event,
-Change - moving house/city, starting university
-Environment - noise, discomfort, time zone change
-Pain - one of the commonest causes
-Medical conditions - heart, breathing, stomach, digestive, high blood pressure, arthritis, anorexia
-Recreational drugs - including nicotine, caffeine, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, LSD, cannabis
-Sleeping pills and tranquilizers - can actually cause sleep disturbance
-Other prescription drugs - including some contraceptives, diuretics, slimming pills, beta-blocker, stimulants

Some causes of insomnia can't be easily dealt with but most can. Insomnia occurs to people who have been ill for quite sometime; those who came from travel, changes in the environment, jet lag, stress from recent work-related problems, psychological problems, etc.

From above conditions it is obvious that most people know as sporadic or transient insomnia. This type of insomnia usually last for a short period of time only and will soon be eradicated. However on the contrary to transient insomnia the chronic insomnia is considered more dangerous category of insomnia.


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