Useful good SLEEP TIPS

  • Limit or stop the use of nicotine, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Keep regular bedtimes and wake times, even on weekends and days off from work.
  • Exercise regularly, but no later than late afternoon or early evening.
  • Do not use the bed as a place to worry (especially about not sleeping).
  • If necessary, write down your worries and concerns before you go to bed and place the list on your dresser to examine the next morning.
  • Use the bedroom only for sleep. Don't read, watch television, eat or do other activities in bed.
  • Try limiting the total amount of time spent in bed to approximately eight hours.
  • Try to avoid daytime naps. But if you must nap, do so in the early afternoon and for no longer than 30 minutes per day.
  • Eat meals on a regular schedule.
  • Eat a light snack (but not a heavy meal) before bedtime.
  • Prominently display large clocks and calendars.
  • Keep nighttime noise to a minimum and avoid nighttime awakenings for medications or treatments whenever possible.
  • Keep the residents' rooms dark at night and bright in the daytime.

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