Common Myths about Cancer

There are myths about almost everything related with cancer. The most harmful risks are those about treatment. These myths can make a person wait to get treatment, which is very harmful. Not catching cancer and treating it early can be deadly. Here are a couple myths like this:

Surgery to remove cancer actually causes it to spread

This myth has led many people to avoid having their cancer removed surgically. Surgery is one of the most popular ways of treating cancer and without the removal many cancer patients would suffer longer and may even be susceptible to the cancer spreading. Surgery for cancer is very specific and there are special procedures to ensure that the surgical remove of cancer will not cause it to spread.

Applying sunscreen once every morning can prevent skin cancer

Using sunscreen does help to prevent skin cancer, but applying it just once a day is not enough. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied throughout the day, depending on what a person is doing. A person that is swimming or sweating needs to reapply it more often than someone who is just sitting outside. Believing this myth can actually harm a person and increase their risk for skin cancer.

The Supplement- Coral Calcium Treats Cancer

This myth is very dangerous. If people believe they can take this supplement and treat their cancer then they may not go to their doctor for other treatment. Their cancer can spread and grow, leaving them with little treatment options later. This myth stems from false claims made in the marketing of the product. Their claims are not backed by science and the benefit, if any, of Coral Calcium is not proven.



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