Cancer Protection Checklist

In the previous sections we have looked at many ways in which you can make changes in your life to protect yourself against cancer. The following checklist helps to sum up everything and put it in a simple form that you can use to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect yourself against cancer. It includes tips for how to make the changes in your life.

Things To Know

Know what Cancer is

  • Get knowledgeable about what cancer really is and how it develops
  • Learn about what is known and what is not known about cancer

Know the Risks

  • Understand what are risk factors for cancer
  • Learn how risk factors are determined
  • Remember that a risk factor does not guarantee cancer will develop, just like lack of a risk factor does not mean cancer will not develop

Avoid Buying Into Myths

  • If you have a concern discuss it with your doctor
  • Do your research before accepting everything people say about cancer

Evaluate Your Risk

  • Learning about your risk factors and evaluating you cancer risk is an important part of preventing cancer
  • Make sure you talk over your evaluation with your doctor


Eat a Variety of Foods

  • Eat foods from all the food groups every day
  • Avoid eating too many foods from just one food group and not enough from others

Limit Fat Intake

  • Try to limit your fat intake to good fats only
  • Do not remove fat completely from your diet
  • Choose foods that are backed, steamed, boiled or broiled to avoid unnecessary fat.

Include Cancer Fighting Foods in Your Diet.

  • Try to include as many foods as possible in your diet that have been shown to help protect or fight cancer
  • Try a variety of these foods so you can get the many cancer fighting vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they offer.



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