A Functioning Digestive System and IBS

If you are affected with IBS, then blame it on you digestive system. Your digestive system is comparatively weak, due to which your IBS flares up. A good knowledge about your digestive system like what kind of food your system responds well, etc will keep you away from a lot of trouble due to IBS. So it is in best favor of you to know how your digestive system functions.

The food we eat is mixed well in the digestive system with digestive juices and prepares nutrients for the bodily use. Muscle contraction of digestive system helps in mixing of food. Food moves through different parts of the body due to muscle contraction. The food we eat, mainly moves through esophagus, stomach and intestines.

Our digestive system performs various functions that are necessary for transportation of foods through different parts of body. When we eat food, the digestive system produces different digestive juices called enzymes, which helps in breaking up of food. Later digestive system ensures the proper absorption of nutrients available from food within the body. This process takes place in the upper intestine of digestive system. Various proteins break in the digestive system, which are used by our body for different purposes like wear and tear of the body, etc.

If you are affected with IBS, then your digestive system is not producing necessary enzymes for the digestion of food. Improper digestion of food leads to muscle contraction, more than usual, and ultimate pain of the stomach. Your digestive will also be unable to store the food nutrients like, different proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, starches and vitamins and minerals at right places of your system. Having IBS means, the poor digestive system and weak digestion. This is why, many of the persons affected with IBS ends up cutting down on starches and sugars, etc.

A well functioning digestive system functions in two distinct modes.

In first mode, the functioning element is hormones. Hormones of the digestive system take the responsibility of necessary reaction to happen in the system that occurs mainly in stomach and intestines. Hormones also maintain our appetite.

In second mode, our nerves take part in execution of digestive system. Nerves of the digestive system release different chemicals, which propel the food in right direction for the right purpose.

Thus it is clear that, a weak digestive system is responsible to cause IBS in you. A good knowledge and working knowledge of your digestive system will help you in establishing the fact that causes IBS in you. 

Knowing your digestive system will help you in taking care of digestive system and prevent IBS.


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