What if it is not IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is recognized as a chronic disorder amongst people of western countries in particular. Presently, if you are suffering with stomach pain, diarrhea and cramp etc and you suspect that the symptom may be of IBS, then it is important for you to choose for proper diagnostic tests.  If you feel like you are having IBS, meet your doctor. Only your doctor will be able to verify, either the symptoms are of IBS or result of some other health problems.

Identify the steps you require to take in either case, if your sickness is the cause of IBS or some other problems. Apart from IBS, there are many more diseases in general and gastrointestinal disorders in particular that may affect your digestive system.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) has explicit characteristics. For example, the irritation in your stomach, if exists; for more than 12 weeks or so, then it may cause of IBS. This is also important to consider, in which time frames you are able to digest your food and in which you are not.
Pain in lower abdomen, constipation, and diarrhea are generally considered as symptoms of IBS. At times, a person may also suffer with nausea and blots, if affected with IBS. IBS may be accompanied with any one or more of the above mentioned symptoms which can be verified exactly by clinical tests.
If you are suffering with any or too many of the above mentioned symptoms, then still there are chances that you might not be suffering with IBS. Some parasitic infections in intestine may also cause the symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramp etc. So it is very important to observe if the symptoms are staying in you since long time, say more than 12 weeks or so. If so, then you may suspect IBS and discuss it with your doctor, if this is IBS. Thus it is ultimately important to you to understand between symptoms caused due to IBS and due to any other problem like parasitic infections in the intestine.

If the problem associated with your stomach is the cause of some parasitic or bacterial infection which might happen due to infected food or water, etc, then consult your doctor for cleansing of the digestive system. You will also need to get medication for stomach pain and cramp etc.

Crohn’s disease is a sever type of disorder that may affect your digestive system as well as other body parts from esophagus to stomach. The problem of your digestive system may be due to Crohn’s disease. At times, the problem in your digestive system can be beginning of some other disease, which might become some other serious health problem, lately.
If you have few other symptoms including the symptoms of IBS, then the chances are that you are suffering with Crohn’s disease. Therefore, it is of ultimate importance to you to take the right step to identify your disease and get the right help. So, if you are facing some problem related to your digestive system, then do not take assume this as IBS, the problem may be due to some common infection or some sever disease like Crohn’s, etc. Ask your doctor to ensure the kind of sickness that you are undergoing with and receive the right treatment.
Gastrointestinal problems are recognized as symptoms of IBS, but if you are suffering with some gastrointestinal problems, then it does not mean, you are suffering with IBS, until and unless IBS is verified by your doctor. The cause of your gastrointestinal problem may be some infection due to infected food or water.
There are so many other diseases that may be cause of your bad stomach instead of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). So, before assuming that you have IBS, observe your symptoms properly. The problems, your digestive tract is showing may be some common problems or may be some serious illness more than Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).          If you are feeling the problem with your digestive tract, consult your physician to identify the problem and get rid of it.

Before making the conclusion that you have IBS or not, make sure to learn all the details about IBS and its causes. Verifying the problem rightly will propel you towards right solutions. Identifying your problems accurately will lead you towards better solutions.



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