Diet Tips to Reduce Cancer Risk

The American Cancer Society estimates that out of all cancers deaths each year about 166,667 of the average 500,000 are related to poor diet. Eating healthy means more than maintaining a good weight. The foods you eat do many things in the body. You need to not only eat healthy to avoid obesity, but you should also make sure you are getting some of the cancer preventing foods, as well.

To get a healthy diet there are two main things you should keep in mind:

Eat from All of The Food Groups

Getting a range of different foods will expose you to all of the healthy, cancer fighting foods. You should follow the recommendations from the FDA’s Food Guide Pyramid about servings you need for each food group.

Limit The Bad Fat in Your Diet

Some fat in your diet is actually good for you, so you should not eliminate all fat. Try, though, to choose monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat instead of saturated fat and trans fats. Be aware that fat can be lurking in some foods, like dairy and meat. It is easy, though, to try a low-fat version without sacrificing the taste.

A healthy body has a stronger immune system and has more ability to fight off cancer then an unhealthy one. The food listed above are just examples of some of the great foods you can eat to help protect you against cancer.



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