Family and Personal History

Family History

Do you have any blood-related family member who has had breast, colon or ovarian cancer?

  • If you answer yes, then you should know that genetic testing is available to determine your risk for these three types of cancer. These three cancers are known to be linked to genetics, so your risk is higher if you have a family history.
  • Obviously, if you are male you can not develop ovarian cancer, but you can still develop colon or breast cancer. So do not skip this question even if you are male.

Have you had two blood related relatives from the same side of the family with cancer or a family member who has developed cancer before age 60 or a family member who has had two different types of cancer?

  • As mentioned in a previous section, if you answered yes to any of these then you are a good candidate for genetic testing to determine your risk for cancer.

Personal History

Have you ever had cancer before?

  • People who have developed one type of cancer are at a higher risk of getting other cancers.

Have you ever worked or lived around know carcinogens?

  • Most carcinogens are thought to only cause cancer after repeat exposure. If you have been exposed to them through work or at home for extended periods of time your risks for cancer are raised.

Do you see your doctor regularly and get cancer screenings as recommended?

  • Finding cancer early or detecting warning signs can be a good way to stop cancer from growing. By seeing your doctor regularly and getting screened for cancer you are making it more possible for your doctor to find warning signs of cancer or to detect cancer while it is in its early stages.



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