Protect Yourself from Cancer with Lifestyle Change

The American Cancer Society has estimated that about half of all the cancer deaths each year are caused by poor lifestyle choices. That is good news actually, because it means that you can greatly reduce your risks of getting cancer by alternating your lifestyle habits. Through research it has been found that certain lifestyle habits greatly increase the risk of cancer. By understanding these risk factors and eliminating them from your life you can protect yourself in a big way against cancer.


Weight is another risk factor you can control. Part of keeping a healthy weight is exercise. Besides helping you to maintain a healthy body weight, exercise has also been linked to helping prevent some types of cancer. Anyone can get exercise. It is all about just getting started and sticking to it. If you have health concerns talk to your doctor, he or she will be able to recommend an exercise routine. Get moving to keep cancer away.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is one of the risk factors we talked about in the last section. Exposing unprotected skin to the UV rays is very harmful. It is the leading cause of skin cancer. Even tanning beds are not a healthy way to get a tan. Tan skin is damaged skin and damaged skin is susceptible to cancer. You should always wear sunscreen when you are going to be exposed to the sun. You should avoid going out when the suns rays are the strongest from 10 am to 4 pm. It is also important to remember that just because it may not be bright and sunny outside, the sunrays are still present.

Cloudy days or the overcast of winter does not offer protection against the sun. Use sunscreen all the time and you’ll lower your risk for cancer. Additionally, you need to be aware of protecting certain vulnerable areas. The ears, top of the head and eyes are especially vulnerable to the sun. They get the most exposure, so it is wise to wear a hat or other head covering and sunglasses. Don’t forget about your lips, too. They are easily burnt and you may never realize it until later that day. Wear a lipstick, gloss or Chap Stick with sun protection in it.


To reduce the risk for cancer caused by viruses a person should get immunized. There are immunizations for Hepatitis B and HPV, which are both diseases that have been linked with cancer. Immunizations are not just for little kids, so go to your doctor and get your shots to lower your risk factor for cancer caused by these viruses.


Lastly, though, and perhaps most important, you should get screened regularly for cancer. The best fight against cancer is early detection. Catching cancer in its early stages help to prevent it from spreading through the body and it is much easier to treat. Survival rates of cancer patients who caught their cancer early are very good. See your doctor and get screened. You should get screened for any cancer you may have a risk for developing. Women usually get screened for female cancers like cervical cancer at least once a year.

Breast cancer screening is also common in women. Men should be screened for male related cancers like, testicular cancer. Everyone should get screened for easy to detect cancers, like mouth cancer and skin cancer on a regular basis. There are screenings for the most common cancers that your doctor will likely recommend. If you are experiencing any cancer symptoms, then you should be screened right away. Catching cancer early could mean the difference between life and death.



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