Smoking and Alcohol relates to Cancer

Smoking has been linked to multiple cancers, especially those of the respiratory system, like lung cancer. In fact, it is estimated that smoking is the cause for at least 90% of all lung cancer cases diagnosed in the United States each year. The reason that smoking is linked to cancer is because cigarettes contain over 60 known carcinogens and the tar in the cigarettes cover the lungs and prevent the carcinogens from leaving the body. Other forms of tobacco are equally harmful, even if they are not inhaled into the lungs. Cigars and chewing tobacco are linked to mouth and larynx cancer. Quitting smoking and using tobacco products of any kind greatly reduces your chances of getting the cancers linked to them.

Smoking actually is part of the carcinogens group, but it has found a way to separate itself due to the fact that it is something that can be controlled. Smoking has been directly linked to certain types of cancers. It also appears that even minimal exposure still raises a person’s risk for cancer, so it is handled as a separate risk factor all together. It is estimated that smoking causes every one out of three cancer cases. Research is ongoing, though, but the evidence gathered so far back up claims that smoking is a big risk factor for cancer, especially lung cancer.

Alcohol consumption is another very controllable risk factor. The consumption of too much alcohol has been linked to increase the risk for some types of cancer. However, the risks posed by alcohol are based upon the amount of consumption. If a person consumes more than the recommended amounts of alcohol then they increase their risk of cancer. The recommended amount of alcohol ranges between two to six drinks per day based upon type and amount of alcohol and the gender and weight of the drinker.

Another controllable risk factor is weight. Obesity has been linked to many different cancers. The reason for this is the difference in hormone levels and other factors in the blood that increase the risk for cancer growth.

Over exposure to sunlight has been directly proven as a risk factor for skin cancer. Some people are more prone to this risk, depending on how their body tolerates excessive sunlight. People, who burn more easily, like redheads and blonds, are more prone to developing cancer from sunlight exposure. The harmful rays of the sun, though, make no amount of over exposure healthy for anyone.

These are the main risk factors that have been identified. A person can do many things to lower their exposure to risk factors. Nobody can prevent cancer 100%, but everyone has the ability to reduce their risk. Through lifestyle and dietary changes a person can reduce their risk factors.

Another point that should be made about the causes of cancer is that there have been some things that have been identified as cancer fighters. Mostly, this includes certain foods that have been proven to help the body fight off cancer. Between lowering risk factors and including cancer fighters in your lifestyle and diet you have a great chance of protecting yourself against cancer.



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