Diabetes is A Dreadful Disease

When the blood sugar level increases in the body than the normal conditions, occurrence of diabetes is unavoidable. It is an incurable disorder. The normal blood sugar level is about 70 to 120. If the level rises, beyond that there is blood sugar.

Glucose is formed from the food we eat and is essential for our body's functioning; the blood then carriers the glucose to all the cells in our body. The pancreas secretes a hormone called as insulin that is necessary to utilize this sugar. If the body does not create enough insulin or if the reaction of insulin/glucose fails, the body cannot get the glucose to the cells, which causes diabetes.

There are several symptoms that can indicate that you are suffering from this disorder. Some of its symptoms include excess thirst, excessive hunger, frequent urination, fatigue, skin infections, blurred vision, itchy skin, slow healing of wounds etc. If you have some or any of these symptoms, you must become cautious and must get yourself checked up.

This disease must be treated. Even though it is incurable blood sugar can be stabilized. It has many serious side effects. There may be kidney failure, eye problems, skin disorders, heart problems etc. The chances of hear stroke is high in such people. There are many people who do not even know that they have such a disease. If you want to remain healthy, you must indulge into a very healthy lifestyle including foods containing fiber and proteins. There should be inclusion of exercise in your life. You must also have physical check up once in a year. This will diagnose the disease that you might have and you are not aware of the same.


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