Trauma Recovery

Trauma truly affects the person’s mental and emotional well -being. This is true especially in case of very sensitive people. When they come across difficult situations or natural disasters they may get affected emotionally and may become helpless. Even though certain accidents or disasters like earthquake etc have not affected the person, he may feel the helplessness and the conflict in his mind. This may affect his health and the consequences are truly heart threatening.

A conflict often arises in the minds of traumatized people between denying the terrible events that have taken place and having the will to proclaim them out aloud and being rid of the consequences. Person wants to get recovered from this situation but it is difficult. Trauma recovery may only be possible, or at least have a better chance of recovering, if the truth is fully recognized. However, most often secrecy prevails and the truth behind the terrible events may surface, but only as a symptom and not a verbal narrative.

People as well as society will often deny events that have taken place which are not to their liking, and there is thus an urgent need to recognize as well as understand the events that have taken place in the past so that it becomes possible to once again reclaim the present as well as the future. Rediscovering the past may hold the key to understanding trauma and get on the road to trauma recovery.

 Trauma recovery may go through a number of stages that includes establishment of safety for the victim, reconstruction of the traumatic story, and restoration of the connection between survivor and his or her community. When one works with trauma one may also think that it is like working with fire because it helps to keep warm and also cooks food. However, when it goes out of control it can become very destructive. Therefore the road to trauma recovery should be traveled with care in order to help to build a sense of safety in the victim.

A person with trauma will usually be disconnected from his or her body to a certain degree, and this disconnection is an automatic way of protecting them. Thus trauma surgeon must make the person feel comfortable. The patient usually loses trust in others and may behave suspiciously.

The first thing one can do to help a victim get on the road to trauma recovery is to talk to them because unspeakable trauma can be transformed into a more manageable one when it gets verbalized. It should also be understood that the victim may have his or her thinking ability severely compromised, and employers must be able to accommodate this in the case of traumatized persons. Other helpful tips include honoring individual differences in trauma reaction; recognize the value of tears and reaching out to those more directly affected.

The person under trauma usually tries to hide his or her feelings. But the surgeon must tactfully take out the thing that the patient bears in his mind. It is very difficult task but has to be performed making the patient feel comfortable. The victim loses faith in others and surroundings and thus he may not express his feelings and thus treatment becomes a challenge. But a specialized surgeon often attains success in his task.

Thus it becomes a challenge for the surgeon to treat him and bring him out of trauma.

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