Lung Cancer Symptoms, Early Detection Will Save You


Lung cancer is the most common cancer that occurs in the individuals in United States. According to the statistics the lung cancer causes a lot of deaths in men and women. It is also reported that about fourteen percent of all cancer stats that are recorded in the United States are lung cancer cases and about twenty-eight percent of cancer deaths each year are from lung cancer patients.

Causes Of Lung Cancer

The major sources that cause lung cancer are cigarette smoking, as well as environmental pollutants including exposure to asbestos. There is a lethal lung tumor known as mesothelioma, which is caused by asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is a lung cancer which occurs in the lining of the pleura, which are sacs enveloping the surface of the lungs.

On What Factors Does The Severity Depends?

The severity of the lung cancer depends mostly on the time span that a person has been smoking for. If we categorize population in two categories, smokers and nonsmokers, smokers are the individuals who are at high risk of developing lung cancer. According to the statistics, smokers are at about twenty two percent more at risk of acquiring lung cancer than nonsmokers.

Lung Cancer In Their Early Stages Are Almost Always Ignored

It is the truth that the lung cancers in their early stages are almost always ignored as they are showing no symptoms related to them and thus result in appearing as a full blown disease process, which is mostly detected in the late stages of lung cancer.

What Is The Most Common Symptom That Must Cause An Alarm?

Frequent bouts of coughing is an alarming sign that must be put great attention to and the person who is a smoker and have these bouts of coughing must seek urgent medical attention. The smokers often think that it is just a common cough and does not put attention to it.

When Does This Symptom Show Itself?

The symptom of coughing starts when the patient already has the cancer in the advanced stages. The cancer has already been proliferating at a very high level and at that time when the symptoms reveal itself, there are secondary cancerous cells that have started to develop in other organs of the body.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lung Cancer?

The symptoms of lung cancer include persistent coughing, chronic chest pain, which is linked with the shortness of breathing, wheezing and hoarseness of the voice.

Lung Cancer Misunderstood As Bronchial Asthma

There is a lot of similarity of initial symptoms of lung cancer and bronchial asthma, so the individuals who are suffering from the symptoms of lung cancer take it as bronchial asthma and thus take asthma treatments to treat themselves.

What Should An Individual Do When The Drug For Asthma Is Not Working?

When the individual is taking medicine for asthma for the symptoms mentioned above, and one is not receiving any benefits from that, this is an alarming sign, and one should seek immediate medical attention and stop self-medicating oneself.

Symptoms At Terminal Stage Of Lung Cancer

The symptoms that occur at the terminal stage of lung cancer are blood in the sputum, recurrence of pneumonia or bronchitis, neck and facial swelling, immediate weight loss and constant feeling of fatigue. At this stage the management of lung cancer is not manageable.

Treatment For Advanced Stage Lung Cancer

It is very unfortunate to state that there is no treatment available for lung cancer at advanced stages and the treatments at those stages are mostly done to manage the symptoms, as the disease is spreading very fast into the entire body and cannot be stopped and thus ultimately leading to the death of the individual.

Cancer Manageable At Early Stages

As of now the physicians can only manage cancer at an early stage by performing curative surgery and giving radiation and chemotherapy treatments, whereas on the other hand the cancer at advanced stages is deadly and ultimately leads to death.


It should be kept in mind that smoking is the most leading cause of cancer occurring throughout the world and if a person quits smoking then the chances of having lung cancer reduces many folds. The individuals who are smoking for long periods of time also may have a reduced chance of developing lung cancer. A healthy body can combat even the major diseases that occur, but the body that already has been damaged by the different toxic substances leads to unhealthy body and does not have the potential to bear the burden of disease. So the healthy body is a source of a strong immune system to combat diseases. Quitting smoking helps greatly to reduce the chance of cancer. Regular exercise also helps to ensure a strong immune system. So be healthy and stay healthy.


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