Types Of Lung Cancer

  • Squamous cell cancer represents the leading number of lung cancers (approximately 40%-45%).
  • Small cell cancers account for 15%-20% of all lung cancer cases. This is because it spreads rapidly from its characteristically central location.
  • Large cell undifferentiated cancer is discovered in about 5%-10% of lung cancer cases.
  • Adenocarcinoma usually flares up in outlying areas of the lung and accounts for 25%-30% of all lung cancer cases. This type of cancer can occur in non-smokers.
  • Bronchioloalvealar cancer arises in even more remote areas of the lung and accounts for fewer than 5% of the total number of cases of lung cancer. Bronchioloalvealar cancer can also occur in non-smokers.

There are other rare cancers, but they represent a very small percentage (less than 5%) of the total number of cases of lung cancer diagnosed.

The first three types of cancer start in the lining membrane of the airway in the areas more exposed to inhaled pollutants.

Lung cancer accounts for the largest percentage of cancer deaths in the western world and it has been proved many times over that cigarette smoking is directly responsible for most of those cases!
The two main types of lung cancer are:


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