Lung Cancer Research

Why Is Research Required For Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is one of the leading cause of the death in the world and the cases of lung cancer are reported day in and day out. Since the lung cancer cases are growing at such a high pace and there is lack of treatment regimens that would give a complete cure of that disease, this would require the research to be on a very large scale to find out how to control the disease in its different stages and how we can combat the disease, which engulfs about a very large amount of people every single year and causes billions of dollar in money to treat it all around the world. In simple words, research is our only way out to combat this deadly disease.

Where Have We Reached In Our Current Research?

In our research these days in combating the lung cancer, the researchers are trying different chemotherapeutic drugs, as well as using different combinations of these drugs to kill the cancer cells, as well as to prevent the cancer cells from metastasizing to different organ systems. Even after doing all the research and making different drugs and using them in clinical trials, we are still far from treating the disease in its advanced stages and that is the time when the oncologists call off the treatments and tell the patients that they have a few months to live. There is no doubt in that the cancer is a deadly disease and it is engulfing people every now and then, the moment I am writing this article, there will be a lot of people being diagnosed or taking their last breaths under the cloud of this disease.

Gene Therapy, A New Step Towards The Fight Against Lung Cancer

The researchers are working and developing different therapeutic approaches to manage the cancer in lungs. There is this one approach, which is known as Gene Therapy. In this, the researchers have worked to find out the genetic link of the pathogenesis as to how the disease starts and under what conditions and circumstances, what genes are involved in this process and what changes take place. And from there, the researchers work on trying to find the way they could repair the gene using advanced genetic approaches. This research is still underway and there are many different ways that the scientists are exploring to find out the ways that they could change the face of treatment of lung cancer. The basic purpose of lung cancer research on gene therapy is to correct the accumulation of many molecular genetic defects that have resulted in a type of uncontrollable replication in the affected patients.

How The Swelling Is Reduced In Cells Through Gene Therapy?

Gene therapy serves to reduce the effects of swelling in the cells. The reduction in swelling is achieved by increasing the suppressor genes related to lung cancer. In this way, the genes linked to related to the release of cytokines are helpful for achieving a greater efficacy in treatment.

Aerosol Therapy

The researchers have also been working on finding ways to give cancer drugs through aerosols, but they are finding problems through this route of administration of drugs in the absorption of the medicine, but things are hopeful as the researchers are still working on finding ways to find a better route of administration of the drugs to fight cancer.

What Are The Things Need To Be Worked And Understood In Lung Cancer Research?

There are many aspects that need a whole lot work to be done in lung cancer research and many things that are yet to be understood such as; How the body works and how the changes take place that lead to the development of cancer? The main things that need to be understood in the development of lung cancer is that what genes are involved in the development of lung cancer? What changes are brought about at the genetic level that causes the cancer cells to grow? How the cancer cells break off from their cancerous clusters to spread to the adjacent tissues? Why they cannot be stopped by our body immune system? Why can’t our body resist them and they just multiply and keep on invading the normal tissues? Can we stop the process of the lung cancer growth at the advanced stages? Why the lung cancer spreads mostly to the lymph nodes? What is the association related to lymph node spread? What characteristics do the cancer cells bear that cause them to spread from the bloodstream to other organ systems? What makes the lung cancer to cause such a high level of inflammatory response? All these questions need to be known so as to understand as to how the cancer progresses and takes over our body so that we have a way to stop it and fight against this disease.

What Does The Research Involves Nowadays?

Research these days involve the techniques, which are related to oncogene inactivation wherein optimal delivery of antisense molecules is being made on the malignant neoplastic cells as in case of lung cancer. Lung cancer research these days is also involving the process of identification, successive removal of barriers for recovery, which is being followed by proper monitoring of the affected patient to the treatment strategies, adapted in them. There are also multiple enzyme prodrug combinations that are used to achieve better success rate in lung cancer patients and thus more and more clinical trials are being conducted in the field of personalized medicine in many countries.


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