Body Wrapping 

Body wraps can be obtained at many spas and salons. Using a body wrap can remove inches from hips, thighs, waist or other body parts. The procedure involves wrapping your body with special wraps, clothing or special lotions or creams gently rubbed onto your skin.  Clients learn they can lose inches instead of pound. Fat is supposed to melt away and cause a loss of inches in approximately one hour. One explanation for this procedure says it works because cellulite is simply fatty tissue that is water-logged.

Who would not want to try a product to transform from fat to slim and trim in an hour while they sleep? 

People often think body wraps are new. They jump into the “new” procedure with great anticipation. The truth is that body wrapping has been around for a long time.

More than twenty years ago a government report said:

“Who can blame the fretfully flabby for being lured by the promise of losing inches without doing anything more strenuous than popping a pill or wrapping up the offending flesh? Who can resist ads for body wraps that promise ‘to burn away fat even while you sleep,’ to ‘lose 4-6 inches the first day?"

What are the components of a body wrap? Are they safe? We have no data regarding their safety or efficacy. But they are made of many things.

  • Some are plastic or rubber garments (worn around the waist, some cover the waist, hips and thighs, and others cover nearly the entire body.)
  • Some wraps are supposed to be worn during exercising, others while sleeping, and others during routine activities.
  • One gets inflated from your vacuum cleaner exhaust.
  • Another requires you to blow in warm are using your electric hair dryer.
  • Sometimes the wrap is soaked in a special solution.
  • Other times a lotion or gel or cream is applied to the skin.

These garments or wraps with or without creams and lotions all claim to reduce the dimensions of your body by removing fluids.  Healthcare practitioners agree that such a loss of inches or pounds could be from profuse perspiration. These reductions are temporary, though measurable. Fluid replacement begins with the first drink of water or the first meal.  Often advocates advise drinking a lot of water before and after treatment.

You need to know that rapid and excessive fluid loss can be dangerous. It can cause severe dehydration and upset the balance of electrolytes in your body.  A reputable spa will be knowledgeable about all potential hazards. So, choose a spa with a good reputation and do your homework.

Plastic wrap was a popular wrap several decades ago. People wrapped themselves in plastic wrap to lose some inches quickly

Body wrapping is more sophisticated and expensive today.   It may cost from $40 an hour for a body wrap up to several thousand dollars at an upscale spa.

Advertising claims may pronounce that body wrapping will eliminate, or reduce cellulite. We shall let you decide that on your own.  We can tell you that a visit to a spa or salon for a body wrap can be a delightful and rejuvenating experience.  You may leave fully refreshed, rested and relaxed.

Why not take a few hours and get pampered in a relaxing setting whether or not it helps remove or reduce cellulite?  Some salons use only herbal or other natural wraps.  The procedures and products are quite diverse.  Let us take a look at the parts of a good body wrap experience.

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