Topical Treatments For Staph Infections

Many products are advertised as “thigh creams” or “skin care products”.  These promotions often claim to:

  • Increase collagen production
  • Strengthen collagen and elastin fibers
  • Reduce cellulite by stimulating cells to release  stored fat
  • Reduce weight via suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism and burning fat.
  • Reduce water retention.

Now, when do we consider a topical application a cosmetic and when is it actually a drug?  That is difficult to answer. Government agencies consider drugs to be those products which alter the structure or function of the body. Cosmetics do not.  Yet, confusion remains.  When manufacturers proclaim topical treatments eliminate cellulite isn’t that the same as altering the structure and function of your body?

That is a question we cannot answer. It is hard to see a clear argument on either side at this time.

However, we DO know many people have hidden allergies.  Such allergies arise when the person comes into contact with a new catalyst.   Some thigh creams and other topical applications contain ingredients with the potential to cause harm for certain individuals.  We will discuss that soon.

This is one reason why you should test the product on a small area of your skin before using it.  Give yourself sufficient time to observe any reactions before you try a new product.

Be sure to read product labels and follow directions.  If it contains something you are allergic to, do not use the product.

If you have asthma, pay extra attention.  Aminophylline is an approved prescription drug for treating asthma. It is also an ingredient in many thigh cream products. Promoters proclaim it dissolves fat and smoothes the skin.

Some people experience allergic reactions to ethylenediamine, a component of Aminophylline.  It seems prudent for these individuals to avoid products containing these ingredients to prevent developing sensitivity to or allergy to Aminophylline.

This is part of the reason why government agencies want thigh creams and topical agents for cellulite treatments to be treated as drugs.  They think closer regulation is better prevention.  There is also an element of dispute around the validity of the claims made by the promoters of these creams. It is not our place to determine the efficacy of these products.   We simply want you to know about what is available. 

Even dermatologists and clinicians may disagree.  One group led a study using a “double-blinded randomized trial.”  In this test neither the clinicians conducting the test nor the patients knew which topical agents they were testing.

The trial was four weeks long with twenty women with a moderate degree of cellulite on the buttocks and/or thighs.  Every night an anti-cellulite cream was applied to the affected areas.  High quality digital photography was used to photograph them from different angles before and after four weeks of treatment. Some women were randomly selected to wear a neoprene garment on one leg.

Seventeen women completed the study. Of these few women, 76% saw overall improvement in their cellulite condition.  About 54% of them reported greater improvement on the thigh using the special garment.  Clinical evaluation showed improvements with 65% of treated legs with the garment and 59% of treated legs without the garment.

In addition, the clinicians noted that the thighs with the neoprene garment had more improvement than those without the garment for 65% of subjects. In this study the topical agent was found to be effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. It also showed the neoprene garment enhanced the effect of this topical agent in reducing cellulite.  These evaluators proclaim that the success of this small study supports the use of the neoprene garment to enhance the topical agent that was applied.

No mention was made of the brand names of the products or the ingredients that were involved. Read labels of any product you are considering.

We cannot deny these results nor can we prove the efficacy of the products, nor can we dispute the arguments promulgated by the government regulating agents.  Each perspective has its merits and detractors. 

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