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Aminophylline – a prescription drug approved for the treatment of asthma.

Anesthetic – a type of drug that induces loss of feeling or sensation.

Canula (or cannula) - a hollow instrument or tube used to withdraw fluid.

Cellulite - Fat deposits under the skin that give the skin a dimpled or orange-peel appearance.

Cosmetic(s) - decorative toiletry items designed to beautify the body.

Edema - swelling caused by excess fluid in cells or tissues.

Emboli - something that blocks a blood vessel. See embolism.

Embolism –is when a blood vessel or organ is blocked by a substance like fat or a bubble of air or other material.

EMS – Electrical Muscle Stimulator

Emulsify –the process of breaking material into small pieces.

Epinephrine - a drug that reduces during liposuction Ethylenediamine – an ingredient in the prescription drug Aminophylline.

Genetics - the branch of biology that studies heredity and how traits are passed on through generations.

Infection – bacteria or other microorganisms multiplying and producing tissue injury. 

Morbidly Obese – Persons 100 pounds above or 50-100% more than their ideal body weight.

Lidocaine - an anesthetic sometimes used during liposuction. Lipoplasty - another name for liposuction.

Liposuction - a cosmetic surgical procedure when fat is removed from a specific area of the body using suction.

Necrotizing faciitis - a nasty bacterial infection where bacteria infect and kill the skin and underlying tissues.

Paresthesia - a change in feelings or sensation such as an increase in feeling described as pain or decrease in feeling like numbness.

Pulmonary embolism – A blockage of pulmonary blood vessels resulting in shortness of breath or respiratory distress. It may be a hazard during liposuction
Probe - see canula.

Sedative - a drug induces relaxation or sleepiness. 

Seroma - a collection of fluid that has pooled at the liposuction site.

Skin necrosis – dead or underlying tissue that falls off. Subcutaneous – beneath the skin as in subcutaneous injection.

Subdermal – another term for beneath the skin.

Suction assisted liposuction - see liposuction.

Thrombophlebitis - inflammation of a vein caused by a blood clot.

Topical – external local application

Toxic Shock Syndrome - an infection caused by bacteria releasing toxins into the body.

Ultrasound assisted liposuction - a type of liposuction in which fat is first loosened by using an ultrasonic probe for removal by suction.\

Visceral perforations – punctures of internal organs.

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